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  • Free entrance counselling support and invaluable one-on-one academic advising are available for all programs at Luther College.

  • Smaller class sizes at Luther College means more individualized attention and better connections with your professors, classmates, and academic advisors.

  • Our student residence, The Student Village at Luther College, is a great place for student athletes to call home. The U of R Kinesiology Building is footsteps away with its Olympic size pool, gymnasium, and health centre.

  • The deadline for academic application is March 15. To book a personalized entrance counselling appointment, contact our Recruitment Office at 1-306-206-2117.

  • Luther College is the first choice for high school to university transition. Enjoy all the benefits of a larger campus, without feeling lost in the crowd. Our community is full of caring mentors and peers to ensure a positive student experience.

  • Our student residence, The Student Village at Luther College, welcomes residents from ALL post-secondary institutions in Regina. Rooms come with a meal plan, free laundry, free wi-fi, and a great sense of community.

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Alumni Profiles

Dena Allen (U’99) – Bachelor of Arts

“The space [Luther] itself was always such an oasis. It was a resting place away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the University and the pressures of being an undergrad. It was a calming, welcoming space that allowed me to focus and regroup and allowed me to do my best work.”

Dena Allen (U’99) completed her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Communications at Luther College at the University of Regina in 1999 before adventuring to Japan to teach English. The poverty she encountered there inspired her to pursue a successful career international, humanitarian, and development work. After working for the Red Cross in Canada, and volunteering in Namibia with Voluntary Service Overseas, she completed her Master’s degree in International and Intercultural Communications at Royal Roads University in BC in 2007 and joined Plan International Canada, where she acts as the VP of Communications & Public Engagement.


Chris Askew (U'07)

“Based on the amount of DNA sharing, we can provide evidence that a bone fragment belongs to a family member and help bring closure.”

Chris Askew (U'07) was always a curious kid who loved figuring out and solving puzzles. When the very first CSI: Crime Scene Investigation aired on TV and he discovered that forensics could be a career path, the fifteen-year-old Chris was hooked. This passion would eventually lead him to help establish the Missing Persons Unit within the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).


Courtney Bates-Hardy (U’11) – Bachelor of Arts

“Small class sizes… helped me adjust in my first year or two. There are a lot of professors who really care at Luther. That first year can be really lonely, so it’s nice to know that there’s someone who actually knows if you’re showing up at their class or not and they want you to be there.”

Published author, Courtney Bates-Hardy (U’11) completed her Bachelor of Arts, Honours English and went on to pursue a Masters in English and Creative Writing from the University of Regina, which she completed in 2014. Fully engaged in the writing community in her home province of Saskatchewan, she serves as the Executive Director for the Saskatchewan Book Awards, a non-profit organization who honours Saskatchewan authors and publishers. In 2016, she published her first collection of poetry, House of Mystery and continues to write more poems, which she anticipates will take the shape of another collection in the future.


Erin Bayne (HS'88, U'93) - Bachelor of Science

“Having Luther as a home base was useful for me within the large institution of the University of Regina.”

Erin Bayne (HS ’88, U’93) is an alumnus who got his start studying biology at Luther College’s High School and University campuses before moving on to pursue a Masters and PhD in Biology at the University of Saskatchewan. Today, he is a professor of Biological Sciences at the University of Alberta and remains committed to doing his part to improve the future of our environment and study the important role humans can play in this improvement.


Katie Bergman (U’11) - Bachelor of Arts

“I felt supported holistically. Luther was really setting me up to be successful because anywhere I turned there was help in some kind of capacity, whether it was academic, spiritual, or social.”

After completing her Bachelor of Arts in Human Justice in 2011, Katie Bergman (U'11) travelled to San Francisco for training in the field of human trafficking prevention. Her degree, combined with this training, lead her to Cambodia where she worked for Samaritan’s Purse as a Research Intern. In this position she created more economic and educational opportunities for people of the region to prevent instances of human trafficking, illegal migration, and labour exploitation, while also managing several human trafficking projects. Eventually, she moved back to Canada, and now manages a Youth Outreach program in Winnipeg's inner city where she works closely with at-risk Aboriginal and Newcomer youth who are vulnerable to exploitation. Katie is also the Director of Communications and Operations with the Set Free Movement, a faith-based, international non-profit organization that focuses on prevention of human trafficking and after-care for those who have survived human trafficking.


William Brooks (U'00) - Bachelor of Fine Arts

“...the obligation to teach is apparent when you’re working with kids [, but] this approach can and should apply to adult audiences as well.”

William Brooks (U'00) graduated from Luther College at the University of Regina in 2000 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and landed his first post-graduation professional gig at Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan. He would spend many a summer there, embodying many-a-role. After working in contract roles for years -- on and off-stage -- he landed a job at Persephone Theatre in Saskatoon as the Youth Program Director and helped to set the company up for great success and growth before going "back home" to Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan to take on the challenging role of Artistic Producer. At the helm for Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan, Will is working to ensure that the art he puts on stage generates some important societal conversations among his audience members -- conversations that ultimately bleed into various communities, resulting in important social progress.


Damon Cavan (U’03) - Bachelor of Science

“Luther was important in adding creative and critical thinking to my practical experience with computers and computer programming.”

Damon Cavan (U'03) graduated from Luther College at the University of Regina with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in 2003. He is now a Manager of Development Competency for ISM Canada, an IT consultant and service provider owned by IBM. ISM provides IT services both on the hosting and the consulting side for clients across Canada by helping businesses define their issues and developing smart IT strategies to address these issues. His role is to manage the way ISM offers development services. Today, in his position with ISM, he looks forward to taking on higher management and consultancy roles.


Chris Dixon (U’91) – Bachelor of Arts

“[The] world class education and personal focus from teachers [ensures that Luther] has a unique ability to make each student feel valued and truly embraces students for who they are.”

Living in New York and working as the Design Director for Vanity Fair, Chris Dixon (U’91) is far from his old stomping grounds at LCUR where he obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 1991. A great deal of education and an impressive CV landed Chris this impressive position. After completing his undergraduate degree, he completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design at Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design in 1997. Immediately out of graduate school, he was offered the position of Creative Director at Adbusters Magazine. Prior to taking on his current position at Vanity Fair, he also did a two year stint at New York Times Magazine, followed by eight years as the design director of New York Magazine.


Jordanne Erichsen (U'13) - Bachelor of Music

“I wouldn't have gone to school for singing if I did not get the funding that I did through Luther College and the University of Regina. I received enough scholarships that I would say that 75% of my degree was paid for. There was no way that I would be where I am now if I didn't have that funding in the beginning.”

Jordanne Erichsen (U'13) graduated from Luther College at the University of Regina with a Bachelor of Music in Music Performance in 2013, and has since gone on to the University of Ottawa pursue a master’s degree. Jordanne has performed in Opera Nuova, a program for emerging Canadian artists, bridging academia with professional performance for operatic singers. She has performed at the Austrian Embassy on New Year’s Eve, and had a lead role in the University of Ottawa Opera Company’s Die Fledermaus. She also performed back at home at Luther College’s 100th Anniversary and was the featured soloist with the Luther Bach Choir in Fall 2014.


Greg Fingas (U'01) - Bachelor of Arts

"It's not what you memorize that sets you up for success, but your ability to connect your knowledge to new issues and ideas. Luther College's interdisciplinary studies courses and class bundles helped me develop the flexible thinking skills I use every day."

A gradute from Luther College in Political Science, Greg Fingas (U'01) is presently a lawyer with Gerrand Rath Johson, focusing on labour laws and privacy. He writes a weekly colum for the Regina Leader Post and is a freelance political writer. He is also an active volunteer in Saskatchewan's political and debate community.

Desiree Gibson (HS’02, U’07) Bachelor of Arts

“Small classes created a small community. We were a close-knit family. Even if you weren’t great friends with everyone, you still knew each other – students and teachers. I got to know everybody in a way I wouldn’t have at another school.”

Desiree Gibson (HS’02, U’07), also an alumna of the High School, graduated from Luther College at the University of Regina in 2007 with a BA in Psychology and Indigenous Studies. Currently acting as Community Manager at REACH (Regina), an umbrella organization that brings together other organizations to ensure that communities have access to nutritious and affordable food, Desiree’s work history and volunteer experience speaks volumes about her desire to make the community in which she resides a better place for all.


Robert Harrison (U’03) - Bachelor of Science

“Luther is a great environment to learn and make lifelong friends.”

Robert Harrison (U'03), who lived in the Luther Residence, graduated from Luther College at the University of Regina with his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in 2003. He went on to complete his Master’s of Applied Science in Electronic Systems Engineering in 2008 at the University of Regina. In 2009, he relocated to San Diego to work full-time on a long-term project for a client. In 2011, he combined his background in software with his wife’s skills as a speech pathologist and started his own business (RWH Technology) as a software developer. Together, they develop apps for speech therapy and he also freelances and develops apps for the University of San Diego.


Mary Ho (U’09, U’11) – Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts

Mary Ho (U'09, U'11) holds two degrees from Luther College: a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Computer Science, and a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Psychology. She worked on her degrees simultaneously until 2009 when, shortly after returning from Vienna, Austria where she had completed an internship with the United Nations, she convocated with her B. Sc.. After graduation, she continued to work on her second degree and, a semester prior to its completion, began her career at the UN. In 2011, Mary graduated with her B.A. and focused on her impressive international career, eventually returning to Vienna to pursue a Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Field of Study Information Systems Management.


Tyler Hopson (U’03) – Bachelor of Arts

“I felt like the employees at Luther cared about students as individuals. There was a place to go with questions and it wasn’t as daunting as university can be. Luther took the stress out of registering for classes. I always ended up with a class schedule that worked for me.”

Since graduating from Luther College, with a major in English, Tyler Hopson (U'03) obtained a Master’s Degree in Journalism. He presently works for SaskPower as the Manger of External Communications & Media Relations.

Allison Hui (U’13) - Bachelor of Arts

“Luther College fostered a sense of collegiality and the importance of supportive networks.”

Allison Hui (U'13) obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from Luther College in 2003 and moved on to complete her Master's in Sociology at the University of Alberta, followed by a Ph.D. in Sociology at Lancaster University. She worked as a post-doctoral fellow at the David C. Lam Institute for East-West studies in Hong Kong. Currently, Allison is an academic fellow at Lancaster University, where she divides her time between being a lecturer in the Sociology department and working in the Dynamics of Energy, Mobility and Demand Research Centre, where she focuses on issues of energy demand from a social science standpoint.


Austin Josephson (HS’10, U’15) - Bachelor of Arts

“Luther is definitely a one of a kind environment. You learn more about yourself as a person, and your teachers and professors guide you on your academic journey. Your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health are important.”

Austin Josephson (HS'10, U'15) graduated from Luther College High School in 2010 and stuck with the organization, for which he has high praise, for his post-secondary education. While a student at Luther’s University campus, Austin was an active member of the Canadian Roots Exchange (CRE) and one of the members of the first Youth Reconciliation Initiative Team in Regina for the CRE. After convocating in 2015, Austin has remained a familiar face on campus, returning repeatedly to host Bromance & Masculinity: A Celebration – a workshop that he produced and hosts with his own bromance and best friend, fellow Luther College High School alum, Thomas Fahlman (HS’14).


Kevin Miller (U'10) – Bachelor of Arts

“Thanks to the great people [who made] up the community, I had a great experience at Luther. The staff, along with the faculty members [at Luther], helped to create a very supportive learning environment.”

Kevin Miller (U'10) enrolled in the pre-law program at Luther College at the University of Regina and graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts, with a Major in History (with Distinction) and a Minor in Psychology and Political Science. He completed his law degree in 2011 and is currently practicing as an Associate Lawyer at Miller Thompson LLP, primarily in the areas of Civil & Commercial Litigation, Builders' Liens and Estate Administration. He is an active volunteer in his community, serving as Vice-Chair on the Board of Directors for Carmichael Outreach, a non-profit organization in Regina, Saskatchewan, as well as providing pro-bono legal advice at the Small Claims Clinic, which he helped to get off the ground and works to maintain.


Mitri Musleh (U’75) - Bachelor of Arts

“To me, Luther was always more than a College. It was a home. I always felt like I belonged.”

Recently retired from a thirty-year career in social work (August, 2016), Mitri Musleh (U'75) is enjoying spending some additional time socializing with his closest friends – many of whom he met in the Luther College Residence. Mitri was one of the first students welcomed by the LCUR Residence when it opened in 1971. He remained there until 1975, when he convocated with his undergraduate degree – a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Political Science and Psychology. He went on to complete a Bachelor of Education, which he received in 1984, and later a Masters Degree in Political Science in the mid-nineties. In spite of a busy family life, career, and apparent love of education, Mitri also managed to pen three books – all works of non-fiction.


Dwight Newman (U’96) – Bachelor of Arts

“Luther is committed to its students as full human beings and approaches them in that way. [The College cultivates a] close knit environment that brings together students and faculty in a very different way than a lot of other educational institutions.”

When Dwight Newman (U’96) graduated from Luther with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Philosophy (Great Distinction) in 1996, he was still uncertain as to the career path he wanted to persue. Clarity came in graduate school while he was working towards his Bachelor of Law, which he obtained from the University of Saskatchewan in 1999. More academic titles were to follow: as a Rhodes Scholar he completed a Bachelor of Civil Law in 2002, followed by a Master of Philosophy in 2003, and, finally, a PhD in 2005 – all at Oxford, England. Currently, Dwight is a Professor of Law at the University of Saskatchewan (U of S) and serves as Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Indigenous Rights and Constitutional and International Law. He has produced over fifty books and articles, and is widely regarded as an expert in the area of constitutional and international law, specifically as it relates to Indigenous issues and is often cited by all levels of the court system.


Cameron Norman (U'96) - Bachelor of Arts

“When I was at Luther I knew it was special, but it’s only having spent most of my adult life as a student and a professor that I’ve come to truly realize how special my education there was.”

After graduating from Luther College from the University of Regina in 1996 with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Psychology, Cameron Norman (U'96) obtained a Master’s in Psychology from Wilfrid Laurier University, and a Ph.D. in Public Health Sciences from the University of Toronto, where he stayed on as a professor. Moved by the entrepreneurial spirit, Cameron left teaching to pursue post-doctoral research in Systems Thinking and Knowledge Translation and received a Master of Design (MDes) degree in Strategic Foresight and Innovation from OCAD University. Today he is the Principal of CENSE Research + Design, a social innovation design consultancy based in Toronto. He is also an adjunct Professor at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the UofT, where he is also the President of its Public Health Alumni Association and part of the Thought-Leader Program with the Tamarack Institute for Community Engagement.


Nancy Park (HS’92, U’97) - Bachelor of Arts

“I have always liked the close community of Luther, and that everyone cares. There are so many ways for students to get involved, and the activities are really aimed at bringing people together.”

After graduating from Luther College High School, Nancy Park (HS'92, U'97) attended the LCUR where she graduated in 1997 with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. Her career took off shortly after, when she began working in Corporate Communications at Korean Air, where, after completing an MBA in Aviation Management at Concordia University in 2004, she was promoted to General Manager for Human Resources in 2012. Currently, however, she is on hiatus from her position at Koren Air -- hard at work as the Spokesperson and Director of International Media Relations for the PyeongChang Organizing Committee for the 2018 Olympic Games.


Kenneth Ring (U’81) - Bachelor of Arts with Distinction

“[Luther doesn’t] just educate you and send you on your way; they instill the notion in their students that life after university isn’t just about making money. They do not mould you to be just another cog in the machine. Your education at Luther is also a degree of compassion.”

Kenneth Ring (U’81) entered into his undergraduate degree at Luther College at the University of Regina as a Pre-Law student and graduated in 1981 with a Bachelor of Arts with Distinction, majoring in English and French with a Mention Bilingue. After Graduating from law school in 1986, Ken spent most of his legal career in public service and has, since 1999, been enjoying practicing law “in a way that none of [his] other colleges do” as Law Clerk and Parliamentary Counsel (LCPC) for the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan. The position is unique in that it’s the only position of its kind in the province, and one of only a handful of such positions in the country. He was also appointed Table Officer in 2007 and is very grateful for the opportunity to serve Saskatchewan’s elected officials and, by way of extension, those who elected those officials – his fellow Saskatchewanians.


Dr. Kimberley Samkoe (U'01) - Bachelor of Science

"I had heard that Luther provided a really personal experience and there were always going to be mentors, people to help you with class selection at Luther. And I'd heard really good things about the small class sizes - better student experience - and I did feel that was the case, especially compared to my friends."

Dr. Samkoe (U'01) always knew her life would take her towards science and medicine, but she always thought it would be as a doctor. However, life happens and she found herself donning the white coat as a researcher. Now she works towards researching in the medical field, and has been awarded a five year research funding grant.


Aimee Schulhauser (U’03) Bachelor of Science

“I think of Luther as a customized experience. You will get the one-on-one time – that little something extra – that you need. It’s a catered experience, if you will.”

Aimee Schulhauser (U’03) is making quite the name for herself in the culinary landscape of Saskatchewan, and its capital – Regina. The owner and operator of three very successful Regina-based culinary businesses – Evolution Catering and Fine Foods (2005); Tangerine (2010); and Schoolhaus Culinary Arts (2014) has proven herself to be a savvy businesswoman and talented chef. Aimee attended Luther College at the University of Regina where she received an undergraduate degree in Petroleum Geology, but ultimately followed her passion for food and business. After receiving her diploma in Professional Cooking from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, Aimee returned to Saskatchewan in 2004, where she has been elevating Saskatchewan’s culinary reputation, and sharing her love of food through volunteer work and cooking classes.


Vanessa Swarbrick (U'04)

“I feel so good at the end of the day knowing I’m playing a role in ensuring this resource is protected for future generations.”

When Vanessa Swarbrick (U’04) was a young girl, she spent her summers and weekends camping by lakes in Alberta and Saskatchewan, dreaming about saving the world and protecting the water bodies she loved. Today, the government of Alberta limnologist (water quality scientist) is living her dream.


Molly Thomas (HS'05, U’10) – Bachelor of Journalism

“Luther makes people feel at home no matter what their background is and no matter what their experience is.”

Molly Thomas (HS'05, U'10) is an award-winning broadcast journalist who has worked for all three major networks in Canada and one national news station abroad. She has experience as a reporter, anchor, producer and studio host. In 2018 she travelled to Bangladesh to cover the Rohingya crisis, and in 2015, she travelled to Iraq and Jordan, highlighting the plight of internally displaced people (IDPs) and Syrian refugees in the region. She has also freelanced radio, TV and print stories from Rwanda, Uganda, London and Haiti. Her passion for social justice issues inspired her to follow her Bachelor of Journalism degree up with a Master’s degree at the Munk School of Global Affairs and continues to take her around the world.


Jenna Tickell (U'13) - Bachelor of Arts

"There's something about [Luther] that's warm and inviting. [I] always looked forward to my Luther classes."

Jenna Tickell (U'13) started her time at Luther with a clear goal: get a degree, become a therapist and help others. What she didn’t realize is that she would connect to her Metis and First Nations heritage while she was here. Now working towards her Master of Education, Jenna is busy filling her role as an Indigenization Educator here at Luther.


Tahirih Vejdani (U’09) – Bachelor of Music

“I really enjoyed the small class sizes, the meaningful student-teacher interactions, the support from admin and staff, and the friendly-vibe from everyone that attended the college.”

Since graduating from Luther College, Tahirih Vejdani (U’09) has gone on to establish herself as a singer, actor, dancer, conductor, and music educator in Ontario. She is thankful to have had the opportunities to perform at the Globe Theatre and sing as a soloist with the Regina Symphony Orchestra and the Regina Philharmonic Chorus during and after her years as a student at Luther College.