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Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Bachelor of Arts Honours (BAHons)
Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)
Bachelor of Music (BMus)
Bachelor of Music Education (BMusEd)


Certificate in Creative Practice
Certificate in Indigenous Fine Arts
Certificate in Media, Art and Performance
Certificate in Visual Arts


Art History

If you have an appreciation for the art industry and its history, then our Art History program is right for you!

Art History majors will learn to understand art historically and across cultures, as well as the different methods and techniques of various art media. Art History gives students the tools to conduct research and to interpret and evaluate works of art.

Sample Courses:
17th Century Art and Architecture; Collecting in Context; Art and Identity in the Renaissance; Medieval Art History.

Career Opportunities:
Graduates pursue careers as Art Dealers, Antique Dealers, Gallery Administrators, Gallery Curators and Owners, Artist Representatives and Exhibition Preparers.

Creative Technologies

Fuse your creative and technological interests in a program designed to prepare graduates for this exciting emerging field. Enhance your creativity with the power of technology in this innovative program that is unique in the province.

Sample Courses:
Creative Technologies is an interdisciplinary program, linking technology, new media, music, and visual arts. More and more, students and professors are working outside of their traditional creative studies areas. In this program, you will learn to think about technology and the arts in new ways, while working with and studying new media.
Sound Art; iPad Orchestra; Wearables: Art and Body Tech; Contemporary Performance and Technology.

Career Opportunities:
Graduates may become game or application designers, launch their own creative business idea, be involved in academic research, or more!

Cultures of Display

This program is designed for students interested in curatorial work. Students take specific Art History courses as well as selected MAP courses. This program was developed to meet the demand of students and graduates for more training in this area. Art galleries, museums, and archives are just a few places where this specialized knowledge is required.

Sample Courses:
17th Century Art and Architecture; Collecting in Context; Art and Identity in the Renaissance.

Career Opportunities:
Graduates find success in the development and promotion of artistic, cultural, and heritage programming for people and communities. This field is closely related to the Tourism and Recreation industry, as well as with Public Service and Community Development.

Film Production

Dreaming of being a filmmaker? The film production program is the only degree program of its kind between Toronto and Vancouver.

You will study the history, theory and analysis of motion pictures. You will also be introduced to the basics of film, video and new media production, including scriptwriting, directing, recording, editing, digital imaging and sound production.

Sample Courses:
Film and Video Imaging; Film Production; Screening in the City; Animation; Directing; Television Studies; International Media Distribution; Experimental Media.

Career Opportunities:
Graduates are prepared for careers as independent filmmakers, video and new media artists, or as writers, directors, producers and crew members within the film industry.

Film Studies

The film studies program results in a liberal arts degree where you will focus on media studies while developing skills in critical thinking, analysis, problem solving, decision making and communication. You will also develop transdisciplinary knowledge and a strong awareness of culture.

Sample Courses:
The Art of Motion Pictures; Still Photography; History of Film; Traditions in Avant-garde Film; Post-modern Cinema; Censorship and Propaganda in the Media; Traditions in Narrative; Canadian Cinema.

Career Opportunities:
Graduates pursue careers in areas such as media consulting, journalism, teaching, arts administration, museum studies, advertising and creative writing.

Indian Art

Culture is the heart and soul of a nation. Beyond art, in this degree, students improve their skills in communication through writing, analytical thinking in the social and natural sciences, analytical thinking in culture and society, and research skills and methodologies.

The Indian Fine Arts program is based around a strong Indigenous cultural component. The faculty have expertise in traditional First Nations art, as well as contemporary aesthetics. The department houses a two-dimensional teaching room, a three-dimensional teaching room, and a traditional teaching room. Throughout this program, you will submit samples of your work to the faculty for the purpose of review and evaluation. Also, with an in-house art studio and art gallery, students have the opportunity to display their art for numerous audiences to view.

Sample Courses:
Traditional Indian Art; Two- Dimensional Design; Explorations in Indigenous Studio Practice; Pre- Columbian Art in North America; Indian Art and the 20th Century.

Career Opportunities:
Graduates work as artists, art critics, art historians, art instructors, curators, conservationists and art appraisers.

Indian Art History

Culture is the heart and soul of a nation. The history of the First Nations and Inuit peoples of North and South America is hundreds of thousands of years old and was recorded through arts and languages. The study of this discipline will give students a strong background in the culture of the Indigenous people and the tools to conduct research and to interpret and evaluate works of art.

Sample Courses:
Traditional Indian Art; Two- Dimensional Design in Indian Art; Pre- Columbian Art in North America; Indian Art and the 20th Century; Indian Art of the Andean Nations

Career Opportunities:
Graduates work as art critics, art historians, curators, conservationists and art appraisers.


Is music your passion? The music program provides excellent preparation in the fields of performance (vocal or instrumental), composition, history, theory or comprehensive music. Private studio lessons will help you develop your technique and artistry. Individual study is complemented by courses in the history, analysis and theory of music. The program will also give you valuable experience in orchestral and ensemble conducting and will enable you to participate in dynamic vocal and instrumental ensembles.

Composition; Comprehensive; Music History; Performance.

Sample Courses:
Studies in Music of the Romantic Period; Music, Women, and Culture; The Story of Opera; Ear Training; Choral Conducting; Composition; Applied Music Recital; Popular Music; Computers in Music; Ensemble Techniques.

Career Opportunities:
Graduates pursue careers as musicians, vocalists, performers, conductors, composers, arrangers, producers, sessional artists and teachers.

Music Education

Do you love music and have a passion to share it with others? The Music Education program is a shared program between the Faculty of Media, Art and Performance and the Faculty of Education. This 134-credit-hour Bachelor of Music Education degree includes an extensive internship program, with supervised contact hours in the public school system, unique to this program. Graduating students are granted the Professional "A" Certificate by the Provincial Department of Education and are qualified for positions as music educators and arts administrators. An audition and admission to the Faculty of Education is required.

Sample Courses:
Inter-professional Experience in Teaching; Music History: Pre-Classical to Contemporary; Music Theory & Analysis; Instrumental Conducting.

Career Opportunities:
Graduates are in high demand and find work as music educators, high school band teachers, elementary music and arts educators, orchestra directors and musicians.

Theatre and Performance

An empty stage is a canvas waiting for creative inspiration! Our Theatre program will train you to become an actor, designer, stage manager, technical director, researcher or dramaturge. This professional program offers instruction by world class professors and instructors who are both active theatre artists and researchers. Both degree options give you numerous opportunities to be involved with department productions; building your skills through progressively challenging work. You will also have access to well- equipped, modern theatre spaces, providing the tools needed in creating work that pushes boundaries and challenges imagination.

Optional Considerations:
Acting; Design/Stage Management.

Sample Courses:
Acting; Set and Costume Design; Canadian Theatre; Voice Training; Movement and Dance; Lighting Design.

Career Opportunities:
Graduates pursue careers as stage managers, actors, directors, designers, playwrights, dramaturges, production managers, technical directors and performance artists.

Visual Art

Visual arts covers a broad range of two- and three-dimensional media such as sculpture, painting, ceramics and printmaking, among others. You will work alongside professors and instructors who themselves are curators, artists, researchers and critics and are active in the Canadian art community and beyond.

Showcase your work at the Fifth Parallel Gallery on campus or at Regina's renowned Mackenzie Art Gallery. Advance your skill, with professors and fellow students acting as mentors and study the theory and history of your medium and the greats who came before.

Sample Courses:
Painting; Drawing; Sculpture; Intermedia; Ceramics; Art Theory and Criticism; Japanese Art; Contemporary Indigenous Art and Colonialism; Curatorial Studies.

Career Opportunities:
Graduates pursue careers as visual artists, curators, art critics, art writers, conservators, art historians and art educators.