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  • Luther students can register in Arts, Science, or Media, Art, and Performance. Luther students are U of R students and receive a U of R degree.

  • Luther College appeals to students who want to study in a safe, nurturing, and inclusive environment. We welcome students of all faiths, ethnicities, backgrounds, religions, genders, and sexual orientations.

  • Eating better means studying better. The Luther Cafeteria offers fresh, healthy, nutritious meals seven days a week with a self-serve “all-you-care-to-eat” concept students prefer.

  • Luther College is recognized for its high standards of teaching, focused research, and one-on-one academic advising. We value and protect this heritage of excellence in scholarship, freedom of inquiry, and faithful seeking after truth.

  • Luther College students are U of R students and receive all the same benefits. Upon graduation you will receive a U of R degree.

  • Luther College participates in Admission on the Spot events - campus tours, reduced application fees, and the relief of finding out you are accepted to your program immediately!

  • The Luther Library has over 24,000 items in its collection, 5,000 books checked out per year, and 7,000 students who come through its door per month.

  • Luther College students can sign up for the UR Guarantee program - get a job guaranteed after you graduate.

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Current Semester Luther Courses

ListingENGL 100-L40
CourseCritical Reading and Writing I
InstructorCredence McFadzean
Time1100 - 1215

This course develops students' proficiency in critical reading and writing through the study of a wide range of non-literary and literary texts, and the study of composition, with emphasis on connections between modes of reading and writing.

ListingENGL 100-L70
CourseCritical Reading and Writing I
InstructorKathryn MacLennan
Time1100 - 1215

This course develops students' proficiency in critical reading and writing through the study of a wide range of non-literary and literary texts, and the study of composition, with emphasis on connections between modes of reading and writing.

ListingMATH 110-L40
CourseCalculus I
InstructorShuchita Sharma
Time1230 - 1345

An introductory class in the theory and techniques of differentiation and integration of algebraic and trigonometric functions. Topics include limits, optimization, curve sketching, and areas.

ListingMATH 110-L41
InstructorShuchita Sharma
Time1400 - 1450
Nonprofit Sector Leadership & Innovation
ListingNSLI 230-L40
CourseNonprofit Communications
InstructorCaroline Graves

Communications with the general public, governments, other nonprofits, businesses, media, funders and donors in order to build intentional relationships are explored. Theory and practice are integrated in examining relationships and accountabilities. New perspectives on social media, virtual/public presence, branding, key messages, and time-sensitive response mechanisms are discussed.

ListingNSLI 310-L70
CourseNonprofit Human Resources
InstructorCaroline Graves

A focus on human resources fundamentals and management for both paid staff and volunteers in nonprofits, including recruitment, screening, orientation, evaluation, retention, supervision/mentoring, job descriptions, policies and procedures, records management, communication and recognition, confidentiality, relationships, conflict resolution and self care. Labour, human rights and cultural diversity standards are examined.

ListingPHIL 150-L70
CourseCritical Thinking
InstructorDustin Olson
Time1100 - 1215

Critical thinking - also called logic - is the study of how to distinguish good reasoning from bad, correct thinking from incorrect. It's a little like grammar: we use it all the time, usually without thinking about it. But like grammar, critical thinking involves universal rules that you may not be familiar with. Studying these rules will help you to use them more effectively, and so to become a better thinker.

ListingPSYC 230-L60
CoursePersonality Psychology
InstructorAlexis Zederayko
Time0900 - 1145

A survey of theory and research related to individual differences in thinking, feeling, and behaving.

ListingPSYC 101-L70
CourseIntro Psyc: Social, Dev, Clin
InstructorAlexis Zederayko
Time1900 - 2145

An introduction to the study of adjustment, disorders, development, personality and the social environment of the person.

Religious Studies
ListingRLST 100-L70
CourseIntro to Religious Studies
InstructorMichelle Folk
Time0930 - 1045

An introduction to the academic study of religion; a survey of the thought and practices of major world religions; the impact of religion on society and culture.

ListingRLST 390AM
CourseWomen in Islam
InstructorBrenda Anderson
Time0930 - 1045

This course will examine the diverse experiences of Muslim women, with specific reference to scripture, historical contexts and selected contemporary concerns. Emphasis will be placed on the debates between traditionalists and modernists and liberals, fundamentalists and feminists. 

ListingSTAT 160-L40
CourseIntroductory Statistics
InstructorVijayaparvathy Agasthian
Time1100 - 1215

A comprehensive introduction to probability, probability distributions, sampling distributions, basic techniques of statistical inference, analysis of variance, linear regression, inference for categorical variables, and nonparametric statistics.