Luther dorm/school staff are not responsible for personally driving students to activities, appointments, or other events.

Public transportation in Regina is safe and there is a bus stop across the street from the school. Dorm staff will ensure that all dorm students have taken a familiarity tour with the bus at the start of the school year and will give the students the opportunity to obtain an "R card" for using the transit system.

Taxis and Ubers are also readily available at the student’s expense. Students should have cash, debit card or credit card readily available.

Taxis services are no longer billed directly to the school and students should pay with debit, credit or cash at the time of service.

Regina Cabs (306) 543-3333

Co-op Taxis (306) 525-2727

Ubers can be booked online and families can set up teen accounts for their student as needed.

Students are encouraged to use public transportation whenever possible.

Boarding students with a valid driver’s license are permitted to have a personal car. Parking is available on campus for dorm students.