High School Orientation

New Day Student Orientation

August 24, 2023 

New Day Student Orientation is an important aspect of your student’s transition into Luther.  New dorm students will have a separate orientation program.  Dorm students do not need to attend the August 24 Orientation.

Welcome packages will include your student’s:

  • Class schedule - class schedules will not be available to new students until Orientation.
  • Wi-fi account sign-up information - If your student has a mobile phone, please send it with them so that we can assist in setting up the on campus Wi-fi access
  • Security key fob for building access
  • Upcoming events listing
  • Locker assignment and school issued lock

We expect that students will attend at their assigned orientation time.  Please contact admissions@luthercollege.edu if your student cannot attend. If your student cannot attend at the assigned time, welcome packages can be picked up at the main office on August 25 or 28 from 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.  Welcome packages will not be ready until August 25 and cannot be picked up before the Orientation.  Unfortunately guided school tours, locker find and classroom tours will not be provided on those alternate dates. Welcome packages must be picked-up at the main office before September 5, 2023. The orientation is for students only.  Parents should drop students off at the Semple Gymnasium entrance (off of Dewdney Avenue).  Please do not use the ROYAL STREET entrance.  The ROYAL STREET entrance will be locked and there will be no access to the school at that door. There will be an information night for parents of new students in mid September.

If you have questions about the New Day Student Orientation, email admissions@luthercollege.edu