Entrance Scholarship and Bursaries applications are now closed for the 2024-25 school year.  The application deadline was 4:30 pm, March 1.

Saskatchewan and Canadian students may be eligible for bursaries to cover a portion or the full amount of your tuition.

Luther College High School is committed to offering bursaries to help ensure that students have access to a Luther education regardless of financial circumstances. This is made possible through the school's operating budget as well as through generous donations from the Luther community.  In 2022-23, we granted approximately $850,000 in bursaries to help offset the cost of tuition for around 20% of our students. The total amount of bursaries is limited, and most bursaries are only available for tuition. However there are bursaries that provide support for annual tuition fees, residence fees and may provide other additional costs. Luther College expects all families to contribute to their student's education experience to the best of their ability.


Bursaries may be awarded to Saskatchewan and Canadian students with demonstrated financial need who exhibit academic potential and have shown a great interest in Luther College High School, and any other criteria as outlined in the terms of the bursary.

To apply for a bursary, you must have started an admissions applications to Luther College High School.

Luther College High School requires families to complete an application through an independent third party, Apple Financial Services, to determine the potential of a tuition adjustment.  This organization provides a confidential analysis of a family's financial ability to contribute toward the school's tuition fees.  All information is held in strict confidence.  The total amount of bursaries is limited, an assessments are considered on a case-by-case basis. Students and families interested in applying for bursaries will be required to provide details of their family income, living expenses, assets and debts.

A new application through Apple Financial Services must be submitted each year and reflect any changes in financial circumstances.  All bursaries are awarded based on demonstrated financial need, and are granted on an annual basis and are not automatically renewed.  The level of tuition adjustment may be adjusted if there is a change in the parents' financial status.

Bursary decisions are separate from admission decisions.  No request for a bursary will be considered until an admission application is initiated and the financial information is submitted to Apple Financial Services.  All bursary requests are considered together in the early spring, and no bursaries will be awarded in advance of this time.  The results of Luther College High School's decision to award a bursary or not will be communicated to families before tuition deposits become non-refundable after 4:30 pm on April 30.

Read more about how to apply for bursaries.

Each bursary offered at Luther College High School is described here:

The Oberg Family Bursary

The Oberg Family Bursary is awarded to new students who have demonstrated financial need and exhibit strong academic proficiency in elementary school, leadership in student body government, and well-rounded involvement in athletics, music, or arts. Please submit a reference letter from a teacher speaking to the student’s leadership abilities and co-curricular involvement.

Community Bursary

The Luther College Community Bursary is awarded to deserving students with financial need who demonstrate academic achievement and a keen interest in learning, a positive attitude, proven leadership abilities and a strong desire to succeed.  This bursary replaces most other forms of financial aid that Luther College High School offered in prior years.  This bursary may cover up to the full tuition to Luther College High School (in consideration of the result of the Apple Financial assessment) and may continue through Grade 12 providing students maintain good academic standing, and continue to meet eligibility requirements, including the requirement to complete an Apple Financial Services assessment annually. The Luther College Community Bursary covers only tuition. It does not include fees related to IB, Film, Phys Ed, EAL, lunch or bus plans.

Dilawri Award for Students of Promise

The Dilawri Award for Students of Promise was established by the Dilawri family and Luther alumnus Ajay Dilawri (HS'86) for students of academic promise who, due to financial constraints, would not otherwise be able to afford to attend Luther College High School. This bursary covers annual tuition fees, dorm fees and may provide for other additional costs provided the student maintains good academic standing.

Kramer Family Bursary

The Kramer Family Bursary was established by the Kramer family for Indigenous students who show academic promise but due to financial constraints and socio-economic factors would not otherwise attend Luther College High School. This bursary covers annual tuition fees, dorm fees and may provide for other additional costs provided the student maintains good academic standing. It is awarded to Indigenous students who demonstrate academic promise, a positive attitude, a willingness to work hard, and a student desire to succeed as well as financial need.

Ritenburg Family Bursary

The Ritenburg Family Bursary is awarded to students who have demonstrated financial need and show a particular interest in the performing arts (music, dance or drama). It is a renewable bursary of $1,000 per year for up to four years (Grades 9 to 12).  This bursary was established by Jim and Jacquie Ritenburg to recognize the positive influence the school had on their family. Jim graduated from Luther in 1977, and daughter Laura graduated in 2004.

Joan Sexton-Kusisto First Nations & Metis Bursary

The Joan Sexton-Kusisto First Nations & Metis Bursary was established in 2006 by Joan's family to honour her memory. Joan graduated from Luther College High School in 1977. She was a caring, compassionate person who, as a teacher, wanted to make a difference in the lives of the First Nations students she taught. This bursary covers annual tuition fees, dorm fees and may provide for other additional costs provided the student maintains good academic standing. It is awarded to First Nations and/or Metis students who demonstrate academic achievement, a keen interest in learning and financial need. Preference is given to students from core Regina schools, including Albert and Kitchener.