English Language and Admissions Process

Assessments and the Admissions Process


  • Students will take an intake exam prior to acceptance
  • Tests will take 2 hours and evaluate spoken, written, and grammatical accuracy
  • Exam reports based on Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)
  • Students must have level B1 or higher (CEFR) to be considered for the program
  • Once acceptance to the program has been obtained, student will obtain study visa and pay fees

Foundation - 75% average required

  • Conversation class
  • One on One Writing class
  • Reading and Vocabulary class
  • Limited to grade 9 non-ESL classes
  • No humanities (English, Ethic, History) for intermediate students
  • Extra classes may include Drama, Music, Wellness, Science, or Math

Advanced ESL - 75% average required

  • Advanced Academics Class
  • Writing class
  • One on One Language Coaching (5 Classes/2 weeks)
  • Students may participate in English 9
  • Students may take science, math and other non-humanities classes
  • Special circumstances may alter the academic schedule

Higher Level ESL - 65% total average required

  • One on One tutoring (5 classes/2 weeks)
  • Students are limited to 2 Humanity classes per semester
  • Students must have met the 65% average in all of their Luther classes
  • Students also must demonstrate their abilities by being able to show level C1 + (CEFR) in their language abilities

General Student

  • Student is able to take any courses at Luther College
  • No restrictions

All student who do not speak English as their first language must complete an online English language assessment via Skype, which is the initial stage in the application process. This assessment is approximately two hours long and consists of an interview and separate writing, reading, and listening tests. Applicants can do this test from their home. The language tester will contact applicants to arrange a time to meet on-line. The student will then meet and complete the test through the Skype on-line program and Oxford testing sites. Luther uses the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) to determine which language proficiency level a student is at. We currently accept students whose proficiency level is at CEFR B1 or higher.

Students who test at the Beginner level (CEFR A1 and A2) will not be accepted into Luther College. These students lack the requisite language skills to function at Luther College not only academically but also in daily life. Students may reapply at a later date but must reach an Intermediate level (CEFR B1 or higher) to be able to function and study at our high school.

For information on the Intermediate Level (CEFR B1), Advanced Level (CDFR B2) and Higher Level (CEFR C1), or choose from the menu on the left side of the webpage.