Advanced Level

Advanced Level (CEFR B2)

The cost for this program in 2019–20 is $9,200.

1.  ESL students who test at an advanced ESL level will be limited to grade 9 (and 10 classes) and it should be understood that students in advanced ESL level should spend plan to spend  4 years to complete their ESL levels and their high school diploma.

2.  This program is for students needing to develop the requisite language skills for participating in the full academic program at Luther.

3.  Advanced level ESL students will attend a daily class that focuses on reading, speaking, listening, and grammar skills. This class is extended to include two additional periods a week that will focus specifically on writing skills (totalling 7 Advanced ESL classes per week).

4.  Students will also attend private tutoring sessions on alternating days (equalling five tutorials every two weeks) with an ESL teacher assigned by the ESL department. These tutorials are lead by the students 50% of the time and by their tutor the other 50% of the time. When a student leads a tutorial session they are expected to bring in questions about the content of their courses, and when the tutor leads the session they focus on a linguistic aspect that it specific to the individual needs of their students.

5.  Most of the students at this level will be registered in a grade nine English class in order to experience the expectations in the humanities classes at Luther College. 

6.  Students that have received a transfer credit from their previous school in English 10 that is recognized by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Learning will be registered for English 10 in their first semester at Luther.

7.  Students will not be permitted to study other humanities classes at this level.  These include History, Christian Ethics, and a language other than Latin.

8.  Students are expected to receive a grade of 75% or more in order to pass the Advanced ESL course (CEFR B2) and move into the Higher Level ESL program (CEFR C1).