Giving Opportunities

Giving Opportunities

Tuition alone does not cover the costs of Luther’s operations, so the school must fundraise in order to provide the necessary financial assistance for worthy students, to upgrade our facilities and to offset the cost of high-quality programs.

Luther Fund

The Luther Fund is the cornerstone of the fundraising program at Luther College. As an independent school and non-profit organization we rely on both tuition fees and fundraising to support the day-to-day operation of the school. Our tuition covers only about 82% of what it costs to educate each student. The Luther Fund helps bridge that gap. Gifts to the Luther Fund support the school's highest priority needs and have a direct and immediate impact on all aspects of teh school - the academic program, athletics, arts, financial aid, professional development, facilities, and campus life.

Luther Fund gifts are used in the year they are received and are directed wherever the need is greatest, making an immediate difference in the lives of students and faculty. The Luther Fund gives the school the flexibility to take advantage of emerging opportunities and to respond quickly to unanticipated needs and challenges.


Scholarship support helps to ensures that deserving and outstanding young people are able to participate in Luther’s unique educational experience. Some donors choose to make a gift to enhance one of our many existing scholarships. Other donors also wish to establish their own scholarship. A minimum of $13,500 is required to endow a new named scholarship. Read more about how to start a scholarship.

Community Bursary

The Community Bursary provides financial assistance to students who cannot afford to attend Luther College High School. Often these students are limited by their environments, whether that be at home, at school or with their peers.  Recipients must show strong academic potential and demonstrate a positive attitude and a keen interest in learning.  The student's family must also demonstrate financial need, assessed by an independent third party.  The Community Bursary covers the full cost of a student's tuition. It does not include IB, Film, Phys Ed, ESL, Meal or bus plans. Last year the Bursary provided funding for ten students here at the high school. Read more about the Community Bursary in the left-hand menu.