About Regina

About Regina

The City of Regina consists of a population of approximately two hundred thousand people and is the capital city of the province of Saskatchewan. Regina has the largest urban park in North America, which winds all the way through the city. The park features abundant green spaces, a lake and connected creek, and a bird sanctuary. Regina also has a transit system, which students can access at a bus stop located accross the street from LUther College High School.

Regina has many attractions, services and amenities including:

For more information, please visit the City of Regina's website or Regina Regional Opportunities Commission (tourism).


The Weather

International students’ experience four distinct seasons while living in Regina: winter is cold and snowy, summer is hot and dry, and spring and fall are more moderate. Weather is not a central concern for international students who live in Luther College’s dorms; because all of Luther College’s buildings are connected, students can attend classes and participate in co-curricular activities without having to venture outside.

For more information about weather in Regina, please visit Environment Canada's website.



Saskatchewan’s healthcare system is publicly funded, available to everyone with a healthcare card, and competitive with other Canadian provincial systems. The government supervises the medical standards at all hospitals. Upon arriving in Regina, international students must apply for a healthcare card in order to receive basic healthcare services for most common illnesses and injuries. Coverage is in effect according to the date on a student’s visa. A hospital is located two blocks from Luther College high school, and the hospital’s on-duty doctors are available at all times for emergencies. The school has a nurse who works every morning during the school week and attends to any health problems reported by students living in the dorms.

You can apply for a Saskatchewan Health Services Card by visiting the Government of Saskatchewan's Health Services website.