Dress Code

Dress Code

Our Dress Code is an important part of student life at an independent school like Luther College. If you have any questions about the Dress Code, please contact our Principal, Dr. Mark Anderson at principal@luthercollege.edu

The following are some of the main guidelines of the Luther College Dress Code. The list should not be viewed as exhaustive.  Administration and faculty reserve the right to amend the list as needed during the course of the academic year, and reserve the right to determine what is in violation of Luther’s Dress Code at any point in the academic year.  This code is in effect throughout our facilities during school hours (including exam weeks) unless otherwise noted below or as approved by administration (for example, Spirit Days, Jean Days, Wellness Days).

Students are to refrain from wearing:

  1. Blue jeans, including clothing designed to imitate or look like blue jeans. Administration reserves the right to decide what looks like blue jeans;
  2. Track or athletic clothing, or yoga tops unless for physical education or wellness classes, or during a school approved activity (examples include Wellness and Earth Days, or Alternative Transportation Day), or has been expressly approved by administration for medical reasons.  Administration reserves the right to determine if the clothing is or resembles athletic wear;
  3. Hats, ball caps and headwear unless worn for religious reasons or as expressly approved by administration for medical reasons;
  4. Anything that obscures the face, including helmets, face masks, or hoodies with the hoods worn up;
  5. Short shorts (that is, above mid-thigh), spaghetti straps, low cut or see through tops, exposed underwear or bras, tube tops, muscle shirts, tops that reveal the navel or stomach, or clothing that reveals any part of the buttocks;
  6. Ripped, frayed, tattered, distressed or torn clothing;
  7. Clothing that displays violence, pornographic images, inappropriate words or messages such as hate speech or profanity, or that mentions or portrays sex, alcohol or drugs;
  8. Sandals, slides, flip flops, crocs, beach foot wear;
  9. Camouflage.

Please Note: Leggings, Lululemon, yoga wear pants and other similarly styled full length tights are permissible provided the leggings are covered mid-thigh and above by a dress, skirt, buttoned or zippered sweater, suit jacket or other clothing that otherwise meets dress code.

Procedure for Dress Code Violations:

  1. First time offenders of the dress code will be sent to the office and given a warning. The student's name will be added to the log book in the main office. Parents will not be contacted, unless the student fails to report to the office.
  2. Second time offenders will be sent to the office and will not be allowed to return to classes, exams and/or school activities until he or she has changed and his or her parents notified.
  3. Third time offenders will be sent to the office and not allowed to resume classes, exams and/or school activities until the student, his or her parents and the administration have met.
  4. Further dress code violations may lead to suspensions or more serious consequences.

Dress Code Rationale and Philosophy

The Luther College High School dress code is not only a tradition but a reminder that ours is an exceptional school recognized for its superb citizenship preparation and its safe, inclusive community. Our dress code should appropriately reflect this well-earned reputation, both by being consistent with the school’s identity and by encouraging students’ pride in being ambassadors of that identity. The way that students and staff conduct themselves in manner and in dress has an impact on the school’s culture; therefore, all (students and employees) are expected to dress in a manner befitting their particular roles and in a way that shows respect for themselves, others and Luther College.

Students are asked to practice common sense by dressing neatly, modestly and in a fashion conducive to learning. Rather than intentionally challenging the boundaries of the dress code, students are encouraged to participate in building a positive community at Luther College High School by cooperating fully with the code’s guidelines.

The Luther Dress Code supports equitable educational access and seeks to ensure that within fashion realities students are treated equitably regardless of gender, gender identification, sexual orientation, ethnicity, body type and/or religious persuasion.  The Luther Dress Code also recognizes that sometimes the communal good or safety concerns must take priority over freedom of individual expression.  For example, students may be required to wear eye protection during chemistry experiments, and the no blue jeans rule allows faculty, staff and administration to more readily identify strangers.  

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