Dorm Life

Dorm Life


Resident Assistant (RA) on Duty

  • Two RAs or Deans—one male, one female—will always be on duty.
  • On weekdays, the Deans will be on duty until 4:30 p.m.
  • Weekday evening RA shifts begin at 4:30 p.m. and end at 7:30 a.m. the following morning.
  • Weekend RA shifts begin at 4:30 p.m. on Friday and end at 7:30 a.m. Monday morning. 

Library Supervisor

Monday through Thursday, from 6:30 to 9:30, a Library Supervisor will assist students who need extra homework supervision.  The Library Supervisor is there to monitor students and provide students with any help they may need. 


Since we have students from all over the world, we encourage everyone to speak English as often as possible. This will help our dorm community grow closer and improve the English proficiency of ESL students. Please respect the fact that other people might not understand your language and may be excluded from your conversation when you are not speaking English. 


During the day, there will be no access to your dorms. Doors are locked at the start of school and will re-open at 3:00 p.m. If you have an emergency and need to go back to your room, you must speak to the Dean on duty. You must remember to take all books, binders and gym clothes for the day. Every student has a locker and lock to safely store belongings during the school day.


Before leaving campus, all students must sign out on REACH and have their sign out approved. They must also sign in upon return. Students must sign in even if they plan on leaving again. Students may go to Mr. Sub or the convenience store across the street without signing out.

Sign-outs to the home of another student or friend will be allowed if the parent/adult contacts the RA or Dean on duty to confirm the invitation, and that there will be adult supervision.

Signing out/in is very important to help us keep students safe. Therefore, failure to sign out or in will be treated seriously and students will be given appropriate consequences.


Students may spend the night off campus when there is no school the next day. Only the Head Dean can approve these sign outs. An overnight sign-out requires the following the day before the sign out:

  • The name and location of the destination
  • Confirmation of supervision from the Adult at the destination
  • Parent/guardian and overnight sign-out destination approval must be given to the Dean by Thursday at 10:00 p.m.  This may be done via text, phone call, or email.
  • School approval of sign-out destination
  • The student must be in good standing (academic and behaviour).

Acceptable overnight sign out locations include:

  • Home of parent/guardian
  • Parents of Luther students
  • The home of a known responsible adult who will be present and accept responsibility for the student

Some parents/guardians may wish to provide a list of pre-approved overnight sign out destinations. This means the parent would not have to approve the overnight sign out each time.

For extended breaks like Christmas or Easter, parents must notify the Deans about overnight sign outs or holiday leaves 2 weeks prior to the break.


Dorm students may wish to have guests stay with them overnight in the dorms if there is no school the following day. The procedure for having a visitor sign into the dorm overnight is the same as an overnight sign out. The Dean must be given permission by the parent/guardian of the visitor the day before the overnight (by Thursday for a Friday night).


Visitors of dorm students must sign in with the RA on Duty when they arrive and sign out when they leave. The dorm student must accompany his or her visitor(s) at all times. Unaccompanied visitors will be asked to leave.

Note – day students are not allowed in the dorm lounge during school hours.


The dorms can be a lively place on occasion but during study hours and after 10 pm we ask students to observe quiet. This is out of respect for other students and staff who want to study or sleep. 


It is natural that dorm students develop romantic relationships with other students. We expect students to cultivate healthy, respectful relationships with each other.  Kissing, hugging and touching may make others uncomfortable. Inappropriate or sexual displays of affection as well as sexting and explicit photos are not acceptable. Such behaviour will result in consequences, depending on the seriousness of the offense.


Many students spend countless hours playing video games. Dorm staff will monitor time spent playing video games and limit this time when necessary for the benefit of the student. This might include requiring students to hand in electronics at various times.


Harassment or abuse of any kind (physical, verbal, racial, sexual, homophobic, etc.) will not be tolerated and will be dealt with as a major disciplinary issue. Harassment and abuse are against the law and will not be tolerated. This includes threats and implied harassment. It also includes using a telephone, social media, email, or other Internet platform to threaten, intimidate, bully, or coerce other people. Students who feel harassed should inform a RA, counselor, teacher, or administrator.

*Note – we abide by City of Regina bylaws relating to harassment and bullying.


The cafeteria staff works hard to provide healthy, tasty meals to suit the tastes of all students. If you have a suggestion for a meal, please let the cooks know. If you like a meal, tell the cooks!

  • Late/Early Meals – If you need to eat late or early for any reason, please inform the cafeteria staff well ahead of time so they can make arrangements for you. You can also ask the RA on Duty to arrange this for you.
  • Bagged Lunches – Bagged lunches are available for students who are traveling or who must take lunch with them. Again, inform the cafeteria staff well ahead of time so that they can accommodate you.


Generally, two dorm activities will be organized each month, usually on the weekends. There is no cost for these activities for dorm students and attendance is voluntary. Students are encouraged to attend at least one activity per month. Examples include bowling, movie nights, swimming, laser tag, skiing, karaoke, gym activities and games.

If you have suggestions for dorm activities, please let dorm council or the Deans know.