Rooms and Common Areas

Rooms and Common Areas


Room assignments and changes are the responsibility of the Deans. Room changes require his or her permission and are not always granted. Deans spend a considerable amount of time ensuring the mix and balance of the dorms is as good as possible and changes will be accommodated only if they benefit the entire dorm community. Due to changes in the dorm situation, students may be required to move during the year.

*Note – students are not guaranteed single rooms. Students should expect to have a roommate.


When students move in, a Dorm Staff will complete a Room Condition Report (RCR). This form is used to assess room damages and will be used upon move-out, during or at the end of the school year, to determine if payment for damages is owed. The RA/Dean and student will both sign off on the agreed damages before any charges are leveled.


If your room requires maintenance, please tell the person on duty as soon as possible so it can get repaired. Students responsible for the damage may be required to pay for any replacement or labour costs.


Dorm students are required to keep their room neat and tidy at all times. Basic room checks will be done on Wednesday mornings and Sunday evening. On Sunday, a thorough cleaning of the room must be done. Dorm rooms will be checked in the evening to make sure the job has been done well. Students who have not properly cleaned their rooms may lose privileges, such as electronic devices, until the room is clean and/or receive work duty. Students signing out for the weekend, must leave their rooms clean and ready for inspection.


Every student is given a key to their room and a FOB for entrance to the dorm. If these are lost a replacement fee will be charged to the student: $50 for the key and $20 for the FOB. Do not lend your key or FOB to others.

Student rooms must remain locked and lights off when not in the room. Luther is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please prevent theft by keeping your room organized and locked. Every year students lose valuables from their room because they leave the door unlocked. Each student has a locking drawer for cash and valuables. Please use it!

*Note – room doors must remain unlocked at night due to the risk of a fire. This also prevents the RAs from making unnecessary noise and disturbing sleeping students when doing room checks at night.


  • Students are welcome to have a small fridge and snack food in their room. Cooking, however, is strictly forbidden as this can present a fire hazard. A kettle or noodle pot to boil water is the only acceptable cooking appliance. Other cooking appliances will be confiscated by the RAs.
  • You will be charged a fine for causing a false fire alarm due to steam from humidifiers or cooking in your room.
  • *See the information below in EMERGENCIES.


Students are welcome to use any of the common areas in the school. We expect, however, that students respect these facilities by keeping them clean and welcome to all students. Excessive noise is not welcoming; neither are public displays of affection.

  • Blue Room –students can use the Blue Room to practice piano during pre-arranged times. This is also great place to hang out with friends or do homework. If you move the furniture, move it back before you leave.
  • Dorm Lounge – Not available until after 3:15 due to ESL classes. Day students must be with a dorm student when using the dorm lounge.
  • Gym – students must wear gym shoes and athletic clothing when using the gym or weight room.
  • Library – the library is open for student use during school day and after school. In the evenings students may use the library from 6:30-9:30 pm.
  • Student Commons – is open for student use at any time. If you would like to work here during study hours, please ask the RA on duty before Study Hours.