Fire emergency protocol will be posted throughout the dorms and fire drills will be conducted regularly. All students should familiarize themselves with the protocol and participate in all drills.

Please note that tampering with fire alarms, exits, smoke detectors, or fire extinguishers is against the law and endangers students and staff living at the school.

*As of July 1st 2019, the City of Regina will be charging fines for fire alarms where no emergency exists. Students responsible for setting off fire alarms due to negligence (burning food in a microwave, vaping, cooking in rooms or unattended use of vaporizers) will be subject to a fine.


If students encounter a medical emergency they should stay with the person and immediately dial 911. If alone and without a cellphone the student should yell for assistance. All dorm staff are trained in emergency CPR and First Aid.

There is an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) machine located outside of the Teachers’ Workroom door. Students should know where this is in case they must retrieve it in an emergency. All dorm staff is trained in the use of an AED.


Anytime a student feels they or someone else is in a threatening situation he or she should seek help immediately and let a dorm staff member know as soon as possible. A student can always dial 911 to access emergency services (police, ambulance, fire, etc.)