The school nurse will make dorm rounds on school days at 7:30am. Students who are sick in the evening or through the night should sign the sick list located on each dorm floor. The nurse will check this list during rounds and respond to sick students. Students who are sick later in the morning should go to the nurse’s office ASAP. The nurse leaves at 11:30am. If a student is sick after that time they should contact the Dean. If they are unavailable go to the main office.

Students who are too sick to attend school must see the nurse before the class starts to be excused. If the nurse excuses you from class, you will not be allowed to participate in events or sign out after school or in the evening. If you do not see the Nurse or Head Dean, you will not be excused from class.


The school nurse will set up all medical and dental appointments. Students are responsible for paying their cab fare to and from all appointments. Most cabs take cash, credit, and debit.

eHR Viewer is a secure provincial (eHealth) electronic database that the nurse may use to retrieve medical information on a student regarding prescribed medication, laboratory or medical test results, clinical encounters with a physician or hospital, immunizations and chronic disease management. If you need further information regarding the nurse’s access to your confidential medical history, please contact the school nurse.


For safety reasons, no medication, either prescription or over-the-counter, can be kept in students’ rooms. All medication will be locked in the nurse’s office where dosages can be monitored and given to the student as ordered. Medication will be given back to the student to take with them during school breaks and summer vacation.

Students who are feeling sick please see the nurse as the school’s physician has given a standing order to administer a variety of over the counter medication for minor illnesses. For serious medical illnesses or injuries, the nurse will refer you to a medical doctor.


All students are required to apply, or reapply, for Saskatchewan health insurance when they arrive. Dorm staff will help with the initial application procedure. This process can take a number of weeks and students will be responsible for paying for health related costs while waiting for insurance to be processed. A typical visit to the doctor costs $40.00 to $70.00. Receipts for medical cost are to be given to the nurse for reimbursement after the student receives their Health Services Number.