Discipline is an inevitable part of RA-student relationships. The dorm discipline system is meant to serve as a guideline. RAs will do their best to be consistent but as with all situations involving humans, no two situations are exactly alike. All discipline will be dealt with confidentially and RAs and administration will deal with issues on a case-by-case basis, in a fair, consistent fashion. Whenever possible, consequences for infractions will attempt to match the offense.

Consequences for infractions are listed below.


Infraction Minimum Consequence
Improper sign out/Failure to sign in
Noise during quiet hours
Late for curfew or study hours***
Out of room or out of bed after Lights Out***
Swearing or inappropriate language
Missing from dorm meetings
1 hour work duty   
Failed room cleanliness check Loss of devices and privileges until room is clean
Possession of tobacco paraphernalia (lighter, matches, pipe, bong, etc.) At minimum, Step 1
Possession or use of alcohol, marijuana, or illegal substances At minimum, Step 1
Burning candles, paper, incense, etc. At minimum, Step 1
Possession of weapons (knives, nunchuks, swords, firearms) At minimum, Step 2
Failure to check out of room properly Loss of all or part of room damage deposit
Disrespect/defiance to other students or RAs  Work duty or Step as appropriate
Inappropriate/sexual behavior or in the dorm of the opposite sex At minimum Step 3, or expulsion as appropriate
Sneaking out of the dorm/ deceptive behavior Minimum Step 2




















  • Minimum 5 hours of work duty
  • Gating until work duty is completed
  • Parents notified


  • Minimum 5 hours of work duty
  • Gating or suspension as deemed appropriate
  • Personal redemption plan developed
  • Parents notified


  • Minimum 5 hours of work duty
  • Gating or suspension as deemed appropriate
  • Behaviour contract developed and signed by student, Dean, vice-principal, and parent/guardian

***NOTE – dorm staff may confiscate electronics as a consequence (this includes cellphones, laptops, tablets, etc.)


Work Duty hours are handed out for everyday infractions. For more serious situations, Community Service hours are assigned. Work Duty hours can be worked off in and around campus by doing various jobs like sweeping, recycling, cleaning dishes, etc. Community Service hours are worked off in the community by volunteering at community organizations or events like thrifts stores, soup kitchens, charities, etc.


Credits are meant to reward students who are typically well behaved, but slip up from time to time. Work Duty Credits may be earned by attending various events or doing good deeds around the dorms. Deans and RAs give out Work Duty Credits at their discretion.


Gating means that students are restricted to campus as a disciplinary measure. When students receive gating, they are not allowed to leave the school for any reason without the express approval of the Head Dean. This includes going to Mr. Sub or the convenience store. Permission to attend special events may be granted by the Head Dean.


Luther College is committed to creating a campus that positively influences the health and well-being of students, staff, and faculty. According to Saskatchewan law, no person under the age of 18 is allowed to purchase tobacco in any form and no person under the age of 19 is allowed to purchase alcohol. Drug use is illegal for any age.


  • Use or possession of alcohol or drugs will be treated as an offence and appropriate consequences will be given. This may include Step 1, rehabilitation programs, and/or suspension or expulsion. Administrators, RAs, the school nurse, the school counsellor, and teachers will work closely with the student to provide opportunities to change such behaviour.
  • The school will provide students with an initial counselling session and students will be required to follow the recommended course of rehabilitation in consultation with parents/guardians.
  • Students who distribute or sell drugs will be expelled immediately at the school’s request and the family’s expense.
  • This policy applies to drug/alcohol use both on campus and off campus, including students who are 19 years of age or older.
  • Distributing/selling drugs or alcohol will result in expulsion.


  • Possession and/or use of tobacco and cannabis in any form on school property, at school activities, in vehicles, or while under the supervision of school employees is not permitted.
  • Parents will be notified if their child is found smoking or violating this policy.
  • Disciplinary measures will be taken in consultation with the school nurse, administrators, student, RAs, and parents/guardians.
  • E-cigarettes (vaping) of all forms are viewed in the same way as tobacco products and will be dealt with accordingly.

**Note – The school reserves the right to make final decisions regarding circumstances related to drug and/or alcohol use.

*** Note – Students who are struggling with alcohol, drugs, or tobacco are encouraged to approach the Deans or RAs about this. These students will be treated gently and with respect. Our goal is to help students find assistance in overcoming unhealthy lifestyle challenges.