We believe that school should be a students’ first priority. Therefore, we treat all matters related to academics very seriously.


Students must wear appropriate clothing at all times (in and out of the dorm). Inappropriate content is not permitted (i.e. inappropriate slogans, words, pictures, drug/alcohol references, etc.). Immodest or revealing clothing is also not permitted (i.e. short shorts/skirts, bare midriffs, low cut necklines). Please consult the school dress code to find out what is acceptable to wear to class. Pajamas are not to be worn to meals.


Study hours are a set time for students to complete their homework. This time is mandatory for all dorm students. If you are unable to be at study hours because of school events, or other circumstances. Please notify the resident assistant on duty ahead of time. Unless you have permission to be elsewhere, you should be in your room with the door propped open during this time.

            a. Additional Study

  •  Students who are struggling academically may be asked to attend additional study hours in the library. This is extra time to finish assignments, review for exams, or work ahead on big projects. A resident assistant is available to help you during this time.

            b. Supervised Study

  •  Supervised study is for students who are struggling academically or are not studying effectively in their rooms. Other students are welcome to join if there are seats available. It takes place in a classroom during regular study hours and there is a resident assistant available to help during this time.
  •  Computer and cell phone use are monitored during this time. Laptop screens must face the resident assistant. If you are wasting time on these devices, the resident assistant may confiscate them.


Students struggling to stay on top of their assignments may be placed in an evening group with an academic coach until they can manage on their own.


Dorm students may print with their fob in the library during library hours. The library is open on school days from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm and in the evenings from 6:30 – 8:00 pm.  You should arrange to print during these times. On weekends, ask the resident assistant on duty if you would like to use the library.


Please make sure to schedule flights around exam times. Exam dates are published early and can be found online on the Luther website calendar and posted around the school. Exams will not be moved to accommodate flight arrangements for vacations, travelling, etc.


Chapel is a chance for Luther students to meet and grow as a community. Attendance at chapel is a requirement for all students, day and dorm. It takes place every day during Period 4. Students who skip chapel will be given consequences.


Attending class is an important step in every student’s academic success at Luther College. Skipping class is unacceptable and resident assistants will only excuse dorm students from class in exceptional circumstances. In order to best support students, we apply the following discipline process for absenteeism:

1 Unexcused Absence

Work duty + Additional Study Hours

2 Unexcused Absences
(on separate days)

Work duty + Additional Study Hours

3 Unexcused Absences
(on separate days)

As above + Personal Plan + Parents Notified

If students have 3 or more absences in a semester, they will be required to create a personal plan to remedy the issue. This plan will be done in consultation with the Dean, and may include work duty, loss of privileges, loss of electronics, required physical activity, breakfast attendance, etc. It will also include consequences for not following the plan. The goal is to increase class attendance.

PLEASE NOTE – if a student has 10 absences from a class, excused or unexcused, the teacher has the right to remove that student from the class.


Deans work closely with teachers to help those students who are struggling academically. Such students may be asked to attend additional study hours, or meet with a tutor or academic advisor. Students should first meet with their teachers to discuss their academic struggles. Parents will be consulted over these plans.