Who To Contact

Who to Contact

Luther College faculty and staff are fully invested in the success of all students. We are committed to working together with parents in partnership to promote student learning and community building. Parents are welcome to reach out to our staff and faculty at any time during the school year. If you have a specific concern about your student, please speak first to their teacher, then Ms. Renee Wilkinson if the concern is regarding a child's academic progress.

Here are a few frequently contacted staff members and their responsibilities. A full staff and faculty directory appears in the left menu.

Ms. Lindsay Haubrich
Receptionist – attendance, general inquiries, personal information changes, bus and lunch plans

Ms. Tess Kossick
Finance Office – tuition payments, student accounts

Mrs. Jacqueline Wanner
Registrar – letters of attendance, transcripts

Ms. Renee Wilkinson
Vice Principal-Student Academics – grades and schedules

Mr. Shawn Stieb
Vice Principal-Student Life – extra-curricular and dorms

Dr. Mark Anderson

Luther College Website and Calendar

We recommend visiting and bookmarking our website as it is our main resource for our school community. Our website calendar is updated daily with all Luther events, schedules, practices and activities. This calendar also includes important dates including exam periods, school holidays and special events. You can download these dates into your desktop or mobile device. Errors and omissions can be sent to website@luthercollege.edu.

Email and Texts

Luther College relies on electronic communication to be able to reach all parents quickly and easily. It is vital that we maintain reliable email addresses for you at all times. If any of your personal information changes including any of your contact information, email the general office at
lutherhs@luthercollege.edu. Parents are emailed at least twice a month with a brief overview of upcoming events and information at Luther College.

Luther College uses SchoolMessenger, a tool designed to quickly and effectively communicate with parents using email, voicemail and texts. To opt in to receive text-messages from Luther College, text YES to 978338 (for Canadian phone numbers only).

Student Records/Marks - OSA - https://osa.lutherhs.ca

Students and parents have access to OSA, our student administration system. New students receive their accounts after the August orientation day. Parents can have their own account on OSA by requesting it via email to lutherhs@luthercollege.edu. OSA houses student grade levels, schedules, progress reports including comments, locker, lock and TAG assignments. Personal details including birthdate, contact information and health conditions are also found on OSA. Note: Luther College is in the process of transitioning to a new student record system. Further communication regarding this new system will occur earlier in 2020.

Marks are published 4 times per year at Luther College. You can view these marks by logging into OSA after midterm and final exam periods. Luther College does not post live marks throughout the year on OSA as we believe student learning is not defined only by marks.