Apply For Financial Aid

Apply for Financial Aid

Luther College High School offers financial aid to qualifying students and families.

Luther College is committed to working with families in these uncertain and unpreceded times. We do not want to deter families from continuing their student’s education at Luther due to financial concerns or constraints.

Saskatchewan resident families who are concerned about financial constraints and tuition costs are encouraged to apply for Financial Assistance through Apple Financial Services before May 1 of the academic year. Financial assistance is limited and assessments are considered on a case-by-case situtation. Students and families interested in applying for financial aid will be required to provide details of their family income, living expenses, assets and debts. This information is assessed by an independent third party, Apple Financial Services on a confidential basis.

The Apple Financial Services website for financial aid will show an application fee of $120.00. However, Luther College High School subsidizes half the cost, therefore your financial aid application fee is $60.00. This subsidized fee will be indicated once you have created your account on the Apple Financial Services website. The $60 fee is non-refundable and must be paid before an application is assessed. If you have concerns about this $60 fee, please speak to our Admissions Director. Financial aid must be applied for on an annual basis.

Please visit the Apple Financial Services website to apply for financial aid.

Luther College offers a range of financial support options, including scholarships, bursaries and financial aid for Saskatchewan students. Some scholarships and bursaries are for academic merit; others are for financial need; still others address the interests of students. We do our best to ensure that no one is excluded from attending Luther due to financial reasons. In 2018-19, Luther supplied bursaries and financial assistance to approximately 1/3 of our Saskatchewan students.