ESL, IB and other Course Fees

ESL Course Fees 2020-2021

Luther College offers an ESL Program.

  • Intermediate - $10,000 per semester
  • Advanced - $9,200 per semester
  • Special Advanced - $16,200 per semester
  • Higher Level - $6,400 per semester

International Baccalaureate (IB) Course Fees 2020-2021

Non-refundable, per year

  • Grade 11 diploma program                $350
  • Grade 12 diploma program                $425
  • Grade 11 certificate program             $250
  • Grade 12 certificate program             $350

Other Course Fees 2020-2021

Communication Media                          $130 per class

Physical Education (grade 11 & 12)         $130 per class

Additional Fees

Additional charges apply to activities that students choose to participate in each year or where purchases are made or services rendered specifically for an individual student. Additional fees associated with programs, co-curricular activities and trips other than those listed here may apply and costs vary. Incidental expenses are billed monthly and payment is due within 30 days of billing.

Monthly payment of tuition and class fees paid by credit card will have an additional credit card processing fee of $2 added to the monthly payment.