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Reformation 500 at Luther College in 2017

October 31, 2017 marked the 500th anniversary of an important event in Lutheran history. It was on October 31, 1517 that Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of the church at Wittenberg, Germany, and made the Protestant Reformation stick. Lutherans united with other Christians to commemorate the Reformation, and Luther College was proud to do the same.

Luther College hosted, organized, and promoted numerous events over the course of 2017 to celebrate its Lutheran history and heritage, remember its namesake Dr. Martin Luther, and enrich the education of its students at both the High School and University campus. Here are some of the events Luther College supported and organized in 2017 to highlight for the Saskatchewan community the influence of the Reformation on today’s world:


The "Table Talk" Speaker Series ran once weekly throughout February and March. Each talk featured a different faculty member or friend of Luther College who addressed a topic related to the Reformation for 20 minutes. Conversation (table talk!) and locally produced craft beer followed. For a brief description or to view a recording of each talk, please visit our Table Talk Speaker Series page.


  • New portraits of Martin Luther go up at both schools (with plaques to mark the anniversary).
  • “From Conflict to Community” - January 19 – March 30
    Chaplains Rev. Sean Bell, from Luther College at the University of Regina, and Stephanie Molloy, of Campion College, host weekly joint studies of the Gospel of Matthew for Lutherans, Catholics, and all of their friends.


  • Luther (the film) - February 14
    Viewers are treated to a special showing of the 2003 Hollywood film Luther featuring Joseph Fiennes.


  • Luther College Choir Tour
    The Luther College Choir Tour includes special music to honour Martin Luther and commemorate the Protestant Reformation.
  • Luther Bach Choir on Palm Sunday (April 9)
    The Luther Bach Choir presents a program featuring music of the Reformation set by Bach, Brahms, and others.


  • The Luther College High School drama students perform Reformation Vignettes in local churches.
  • Luther College Home Concert - May 26
    The Luther College Home Concert concludes with a very exciting rendition of "A Mighty Fortress is Our God" arranged by the American composer Dan Forrest. It features the Luther College Senior Choir, the Girls Choir, the String Ensemble, and a small brass band.
  • Impetus, Luther College's online webzine, publishes in May. Articles have a Reformation 500 theme.
  • Luther College recommends Rostand Tours trip to Luther’s Germany from May 11-22, 2017, led by Pastor Mark Hedlin of Trinity Lutheran Church in Saskatoon.


  • The Luther College High School drama students perform Reformation Vignettes in local churches.
  • Hymn Festival – June 11
    Martin Luther wrote 37 hymns! Luther College sponsores this Hymn Festival for area churches, rural churches, and any Saskatchewan singers who wished to join. Rev. Dennis Hendricksen leads a very musical worship service with special presentations and local musicians.
  • Reformation Exhibit – June 5 – June 15
    Luther College High School displays an exhibit entitled "Here I Stand: Martin Luther, the Reformation, and Its Results" from June 5 through June 15, 2017. Brought to Saskatchewan by the Saskatchewan German Council, this exhibit of 16 colorful posters combines history, biography, and interesting graphic design.

July and August

  • Luther College recommends the tour of Luther’s Germany hosted by Pastor Dennis and Beth Hendricksen of Christ Lutheran Church in Regina
  • Luther College shares with Canada Lutheran, the magazine of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC), what Luther is doing in 2017 to celebrate Luther and commemorate the Reformation.


  • Luther College commissions a work of art for Luther College High School, and dedicates it in October 2017.
  • Reformation & Reconciliation - A Joint Campion College-Luther College Choral Concert October 22
    Dominic Gregorio and Jonathan Achtzehner conduct singers representing both colleges, perform choral music of the Protestant Reformation and the Catholic Reformation.
  • 41st Luther Lecture – October 30
    Dr. Nicholas Terpstra, Professor of History, University of Toronto, presents "Reframing the Reformation: Religious Refugees in the Early Modern World." (See a video recording of the lecture here)
  • REFORMATION DAY Events – October 31
    Anniversary day included re-enactments of Martin Luther posting his 95 theses, delicious Reformation cake, and live television programming from Wittenberg, Germany at both the High School and University campuses.


  • An exhibition of art opens in the LCUR Chapel, under a student curator. A variety of artists using several different mediums contribute art that addresses themes related to the Protestant Reformation: Liberation is not for sale, salvation is not for sale, human beings are not for sale, and creation is not for sale. Dr. Francesco Freddolini supervises the project, in consultation with Pastor Sean Bell.
  • Reformation Exhibit – October 24 – November 8
    Luther College at the University of Regina displays an exhibit entitled "Here I Stand: Martin Luther, the Reformation, and Its Results". Brought to Saskatchewan by the Saskatchewan German Council, this exhibit of 16 colorful posters combines history, biography, and interesting graphic design.


  • Luther Bach Choir Concert – December 3
    The Luther Bach Choir presents a program of Advent music and readings, in place of the usual Advent Service of Lessons and Carols.
  • Candlelight Service – December 10
    The service features some Lutheran Christmas music