Special Guest

Special Guest 2024

We are proud to announce that, for our 70th annual LIT, our Special Guest is the 1984 Lions team!

The 1984 Lions team was comprised of 5 veteran players and 7 new additions. With a good mix of quick and powerful players, the Lions 1983-84 season got off to a strong start, winning their first 17 encounters. The team had 3 third-year players, including one grade ten, and consisted of day students and dorm students. The Lions had a good mix of scoring from the centre, forward and guard positions and a balanced mix of half court and transition offense, despite the fact that their huddle-breaking chant was “tough, tough, tough, tough defense”. A strong bench presence was also a benefit in many games with ample secondary scoring coming off the bench. Coach Dick Stark was a mainstay of mainstay of basketball coaching at the city, provincial, and senior provincial levels. Assistant coach Gary Beckie, a five-year standout at the University of Saskatchewan, helped greatly in skill development and in providing insight to many players. He and his U of S teammate, Mark Kettler, were also formidable opponents in many practices. Occasionally the team would also scrimmage against alumni. Manager Murray Hilderman rounded out the staff, suiting up for practice when required and ensuring an orderly bench and dressing room. In an effort to defray the costs associated with travel, the whole team including Coach Stark temporarily took on janitorial duties for significant parts of the school, further increasing the bonds that tied the team together.