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Did You Know?

  • Luther students can sign up for the UR Guarantee program - get a guaranteed job after you graduate!

  • Luther College offers the best of both worlds: a smaller college environment with all the benefits of a larger university.

  • The Luther College Residence hosts multiple social events and programs throughout the year, such as Christmas Dinner, International Night, Mardi Gras, and Karaoke Night.

  • The Luther College Residence is a great place for student athletes; it’s conveniently located and comes with a great meal plan.

  • Luther College students pay the same tuition and fees as other University of Regina students.

  • It pays to go to Luther College. Literally. Luther students are eligible for an additional $100,000 in scholarships, in addition to all of the awards available to them as U of R!

  • Luther College welcomes students of all faiths, ethnicities, backgrounds, religions, genders, and sexual orientation.

  • Luther College offers Bundles and Bundles Plus programs! Bundles and Bundles Plus are groupings of courses hand-selected by our academic advisors to help set new students up for a successful first semester.

From Registration to Graduation, We've Got Your Back

From a Luther student’s first academic advising session to walking across the stage at convocation, Luther College at the University of Regina’s Registrar, Tatum Cruise, and Academic Advisor and Luther alumna, Karen Prior, are there with them every step of the way.

For Tatum and Karen, the relationship with the students at Luther goes beyond simply helping them pick their classes – they both really enjoy how they to get to know their students on a personal level and they feel privileged to be part of each student’s academic journey, whether for only a semester or their entire undergraduate degree. “It feels like we have seven hundred children of our own that we care for and want to see succeed,” says Tatum. “We are there for them in the good times and the bad, share in their successes, and even worry about them when we are not at work.”

They love that students feel comfortable enough to simply stop by the office (even after graduation) to say hello, to see what they thought of last weekend’s soccer match, or to tell them about how they did on their midterms. A majority of the students even have their favourite and will not waiver. “I have had students tell me that ‘you’re my person,’” says Karen.

The reciprocal relationship can also be very emotional when students show their appreciation. Tatum recalls tearing up after receiving an email from a student who had finally been accepted to a Pharmacy program after struggling for a couple of years. She was so proud. “Advising can be emotionally taxing at times, as you put your heart and soul into your work day, but when you hear that you helped a student reach their goal, it is all worth it,” say Tatum. At the end of the day, both find it very rewarding to work with the students, and show up every day ready to be “professional problem solvers” because of them. “Without the students, we would not be here,” says Karen.

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