Nonprofit Sector Leadership and Innovation Certificate and Courses

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Nonprofit Sector Leadership and Innovation Certificate and Courses

Certificate in Nonprofit Sector Leadership and Innovation (NSLI)

The NSLI certificate (15 credit hours, 5 courses) is designed for anyone who wants to acquire the expertise to pursue paid employment and/or voluntary work in the nonprofit (voluntary, community-based) sector. All courses are grounded in a community-engaged, experiential learning model.

Any student at the University of Regina, including the federated colleges, can enrol in NSLI courses and the certificate program as part of their university studies. Please see your academic advisor to discuss this option.

Anyone in the wider community can take NSLI courses and complete the NSLI certificate by enrolling through the Centre for Continuing Education (CCE).

Level/Credential to be Granted:  Certificate
Faculty(ies)/School(s)/Department(s):  Faculty of Arts, Luther College, and Centre for Continuing Education

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR):
PLAR may be granted for one or more courses, except for NSLI 100, which will be required of all students. PLAR will be determined by the NVSSN Director and the Centre for Continuing Education.

How to Register for NSLI Courses

Enrollment, for practitioners, occurs through the Centre for Continuing Education’s online application. For instructions on filling out the online application, click here.

For University of Regina and federated college students, the NSLI Certificate can be earned within undergraduate program of study as a secondary program with Luther College as your secondary home.  To learn more about this option, please contact or your faculty academic advisor.

Credit Hours

Required courses – Students must take 4 required courses.


NSLI 100 - Foundations of the Nonprofit Sector
(NOTE: NSLI 100 is the pre-requisite for all other NSLI courses)

Plus 3 NSLI courses chosen from the list below:


NSLI 220 - Nonprofit Advocacy and Community Development
NSLI 230 - Nonprofit Communications and Strategic Relationship Building
NSLI 260 - Nonprofit Organization Governance and Leadership
NSLI 300 - Nonprofit Organization Management
NSLI 310 - Nonprofit Human Resources
NSLI 340 - Nonprofit Program Planning and Evaluation
NSLI 350 - Nonprofit Financial Management and Philanthropy
NSLI 370 - Fund Development in Nonprofit Organizations
NSLI 390 AA-ZZ - Nonprofit Organization Special Topic

Credit Hours

Electives – students should choose 1 of the following

(or other course as approved by NVSSN or CCE)



Any Additional NSLI course
(NOTE: May only be counted once in either the required course section of the approved electives section.)
BUS 100 - Introduction to Business
BUS 260 - Introduction to Organizational Behaviour
BUS 364 - Managing a Diverse Workforce
IDS 101 - Interdisciplinary Studies: Contemporary Issues
IS 302 - Non-Governmental Organizations Crossing Borders
JS 384 - Advocacy Strategies and Skills
PHIL 272 - Contemporary Moral Issues
PSCI 100 - People, Power, and Politics: An Introduction
SOC 214 - Sociology of Indigenous People in Canada
SRS 340 - Governance and Legal Issues in Third Sector Organizations

Upcoming NSLI Courses*

Winter 2023   Spring/Summer
NSLI 100 NSLI 220
NSLI 230 NSLI 310
NSLI 350  
NSLI 390  

*upcoming course are subject to change.

NSLI Certificate Brochure