Barbara Reul

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Dr. Barbara Reul  


Dr. Reul is a full professor of musicology and enjoys teaching a variety of music courses at Luther College, ranging from music appreciation classes to graduate reading courses. Dr. Reul’s main area of expertise is Baroque music, specifically musical life at the court of Anhalt-Zerbst, the German childhood home of Catherine the Great, and the life and works of Johann Friedrich Fasch (1688-1758), a contemporary of Bach and Handel. Dr. Reul is passionate about archival research and has presented her research all over the world in both English and German (see her publication list below). Dr. Reul was the recipient the International Fasch Prize in 2005 and served as the President of the International Fasch Society from 2008 to 2011 and as its Vice-President from 2015 to 2019. Dr. Reul has regularly contributed articles to the Fasch-Studien series and co-edited several volumes, most recently Musik in Anhalt-Zerbst (vol. 15, 2019). Together with Ruth Tatlow, she co-edits Discussing Bach, a new, peer-reviewed multi-media journal of the Bach Network (2020 –). Dr. Reul has also served as the head organist and choir accompanist at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Regina, SK, for many years.

Finally, Dr. Reul is a proud cancer survivor whose open access memoir-textbook, Perfect Timing – Recollections on coping with cancer during a pandemic, was published in December 2021. This lived narrative was shortlisted for two 2023 Saskatchewan Book Awards (1. Ministry of Parks, Culture, and Sport First Book Award and 2. City of Regina Award). You can read the jurors' comments hereThe sequel, Right on Time  Healing from cancer during a pandemicwas published on the University of Regina's Open Educational Access platform in December 2023.

Courses Taught

MU 100 – Introduction to Music (Fall 2024, M/W/F, 12:30-1:20 pm, LC 209/Auditorium; fine arts elective; no musical background needed)

MUHI 202 – Survey: Post-1750 to Modern Period (Fall 2024, M/W/F, 9-9:50 am, LC 202; for B.Mus. and B.Mus.Ed. students only)

MUHI 203 – Survey: From Chant to Baroque (will be offered in Winter 2025)

MUHI 305 – History of Canadian Music (to be offered in Fall 2025)

MUHI 415 – History of Performance Practice (will be offered in Winter 2025)

MUHI 417AA – The Story of Opera (last taught in Winter 2024)

MUHI 418 – Music, Women, and Culture (last taught in Winter 2023)

MU 815 – Graduate Bibliography (last taught in Winter 2024; for graduate students only)

Selected Recent Academic Publications

  1. Book review: Telemann Studies, eds. Wolfgang Hirschmann and Steven Zohn (Cambridge University Press, 2022). In Eighteenth-Century Music 20 (2023): 187–189.
  2. Article: “Tales from Music School: Johann Friedrich Fasch at the Thomasschule (1701–1707)”. BACH: Journal of the Riemenschneider Bach Institute 54, no. 1 (2023): 76–105.
  3. Co-editor: Tatlow, Ruth, Reul Barbara M., Frampton Andrew, and Tomita Yo. “Bach Cantata Texts, Poetic Techniques, and Meanings,” Discussing Bach 5 (November 2022).
  4. Book review: BACH – Eine Bildbiografie/A Pictorial Biography (Leipzig: Lehmstedt, 2022) by Michael Maul. Bach Notes 37 (Fall 2022): 1-2.
  5. (With Gottfried Küntzel), “Fasch, Johann Friedrich” (biography, works, bibliography; substantially revised and expanded), in: Grove Music Online Dictionary Database (2022, accessible on the Oxford Music Online Platform via a free trial subscription).
  6. Co-editor and contributor: Impetus (Winter/April 2022); includes main editorialintroduction to “2019: Before the Pandemic”; introduction to “2021: The Pandemic – Year 2”; introduction to “Stories from the Pandemic Podium”.
  7. Article: ‘“It was impossible for me to leave’ – Johann Friedrich Fasch and the Thomaskantorat in 1722”. Discussing Bach 3, “Bach and the Thomaskantorat” (October 2021): 31–44.

List of publications by Barbara M. Reul (in English and in German) current as of May 2024. Please email if you are interested in specific articles and do not have access to electronic databases or print publications through your university library or are an independent scholar. Click on the hyperlink for Gottfried Gille's Fasch-Repertorium (2019)

Lived Narrative Open Access Publications

  1. Reul, Barbara. “Writing from the Inside out – from Perfect Timing (2021) to Right on Time (2023).” University of Regina OEP Program Newsletter | Spring 2024: 4-7.
  2. Thibeault, James. “Being Open About Cancer: Interview with Barbara Reul, author of the open-licensed memoirs Perfect Timing and Right on Time.” Scholars@Bentley Library Publications (2024).
  3. Reul, Barbara. Right on Time – Healing from cancer during a pandemic (Dec. 2023)
  4. Reul, Barbara. “Miracles are no longer required’ – Life Writing as a Healing Tool,” Intersections 54 (March 2023), article 8.
  5. Reul, Barbara. “Perfect Timing – From Memoir to Textbook”, University of Regina Open Educational Resources Spring 2022 newsletter (June 2022),
  6. Reul, Barbara. Perfect Timing – Recollections of coping with cancer during a pandemic (Dec. 2021),