Schedule are designed according to the students’ course requests and strives to balance individual student course loads with overall class sizes. Requests to add or move classes are only considered in special circumstances. Luther reserves the right to add, delete, or change classes as needed.


Luther has a new student information system called MySchoolSask (MSS) on which students can view their schedule, attendance, marks, locker, and demographic information.

To access a student account on MSS, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the browser on your computer or phone. Ideally, the first time you log into your MSS account, you should use a computer.
  2. Go to
  3. On the MySchoolSask log in screen, do not enter any information in the boxes labelled “Login ID” and “Password.” Instead, go to the bottom of the screen to find the box labelled “Log in using.” Select “Independent School Branch” from the drop down menu. Then, click the AASP button.
  4. A Microsoft Sign In window should appear. Enter your Luther username ( Click “Next.”
  5. In the Password window, enter your Luther password (use the same password for your Google Classroom). Click “Sign in.”
  6. Click “Yes” from the “Stay Signed in” window.
  7. You will be directly sent to your MSS Student Portal or you will be asked for authentication. If you are asked for authentication, enter your phone number. You will then be sent a verification number which you will enter when prompted. If your authentication is approved, your MSS Student Portal will open.

Once our school year has started up, students will be shown other features in the Student Portal. In the near future, parents will also be given access to the Parent Portal.

School Supplies

On the first day of class, teachers will advise students of what supplies are needed for each class. However, you should consider bringing two binders, looseleaf paper, pens and pencils.