History of Parent Fundraising

Parent Fundraising Through the Years

Since 2015, the Luther Parents’ Committee organizes a fundraiser to support the students of Luther College. Although every parent of a Luther student is a member of the Parents’ Commitee, a small and dedicated organizing group works tirelessly to plan a fundraising event that not only raises money but builds community.

Every year the committee supports a project that will benefit the entire school and chooses a different theme for the event. Luther parents have raised over $200,000 through their events! Click through the photo gallery below to see some of  the purchases!

In addition to fundraising, the Luther Parents’ Committee helps parents become active members of the Luther community.  They help parents get to know each other and find ways to work together for the benefit of the school. Through their dedication, they support and enhance a student experience that is uniquely Luther.

Funds Raised:

  • 2015 - $40,000 for Student Commons furniture
  • 2016 - $25,000 for sound system in Merlis Belsher Heritage Centre
  • 2017 - $31,000 for classroom technology
  • Jan. 2018 - $21,000 for open air courtyard construction
  • Nov. 2018 - $35,000 arts and athletics programs
  • 2019 - $30,000 for library computers and upgrades
  • 2020 - postponed due to COVID pandemic
  • 2021 - $12,000 for pandemic safety expenses
  • 2023 - $12,000 for I.T. equipment