Luther College Summer Campus ESL Program

Luther College Summer Campus, ESL Program 2014 Ages 14-18



  $3050.00 Students living in Regina and who don't require room and board
  $3725.00 International students who are not currently living in Regina are expected to stay in residence
  Payment Visa or Mastercard
  I will contact the school with my credit card (Visa or Mastercard only), or alternate payment information within five days of registration for the summer campus program

  I understand that Luther College reserves the right to cancel or modify any part of the summer campus program for any reason
  I understand that Luther College reserves the right to remove and send home any participant whose behavior is disrupting the learning environment, interfering with the smooth operation of the program or adversely affecting the enjoyment or safety of other participants. If a participant has to be sent home for disciplinary reasons, the parents will be required to pay for any and all costs incurred, and will forfeit all program fees.
  I give permission for the official in charge to make arrangements for medical attention if so needed in the event of an emergency without my prior approval. I understand that I will be notified by the quickest means possible in case of an emergency. I understand that as parents, we will be responsible for all medical costs incurred. I also understand that it is my sole responsibility to arrange for additional traveler's medical insurance for my child for the duration of the summer ESL program.
  I give permission to the official in charge to sign a waiver form for my child if required for program activities that are offered by non-Luther controlled organizations. I understand and permit that my child may have his or her photograph taken and these photographs may be used in advertising or other purposes by Luther College High School (for example in brochures or the website)

Personal information on this form is collected pursuant to the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (“PIPEDA”). Luther College Regina will use your personal information for all administrative and academic matters.

Your information will remain confidential, and will only be used or disclosed for internal purposes and as authorized under PIPEDA.

Should you have any questions about the collection of information, please contact Luther College High School at 1.306.757.7399.