Student Technology

Student Technology

Wi-Fi Trouble?

Username: first.last

Password is the same as Google Classroom.

Forgot your Wi-Fi password? (did you sign in correctly?)

Visit a library computer and go to: --password management (blue box), click go -- click password reset -- type in username ( --  click next -- answer security questions -- reset password.

Google Classroom trouble?


Password is the same as your Wi-Fi.

Over the device limit?  New phone or laptop since last year?

Visit a library computer and go to: -- manage your wireless devices (brown box), click go -- type in username (firstname.lastname) and your password, click login -- remove your old device.

Still having problems? 

Connect with Ms. Braul over Zoom.  PMI = Lindsay.Braul. Hours are posted in her waiting room.  Email to set up a Zoom appointment OR go find Ms. Smoliak in the library.