International Diversity

International Diversity

Luther College High School is committed to building a diverse community.

Our students come from many countries, some having immigrated to Canada with their parents, others coming here without their family. Both residence and day students can benefit from being in an intercultural community by sharing their own culture and language, taking part in school events and by forming friendships outside their home culture.

Luther students practice connection, respect and understanding as the foundations of our diverse community. There are a number of opportunities to do this: International Café, a twice-monthly opportunity for students to engage in that understanding, Language Exchange Club, and Multicultural Night -- where students showcase their culture through food and creative performances, as well as Chapel presentations.

The Luther residence also focuses on celebrating both Canadian and international cultures. 

International Mindedness

Learn about different cultures that exist in our school by visiting our student run International Mindedness website

Through the portraits here, Luther College is showcasing just a few of the cultures represented at our school.

Photographed around the time of Multicultural Night in March, students posed in their traditional cultural attire, honouring their First Nations, Asian, European or African heritage and reflecting Luther’s intercultural community. This portrait gallery is also now proudly displayed in our Student Commons.

Thank you to Pronamie, Lucy, Keona, Isabelle, Aurora, Mandy, Theresa, Hannah, Anika, Khushi, Ife, Dami, Princesse, Ini, Omotayo, and Fortune.