Athletics have long been a part of Luther College High School’s tradition. Luther’s athletic teams and individual athletes demonstrate passion and determination, helping to build Lion Pride. Student involvement in athletics promotes not only physical health and team spirit, but also cooperation, communication, sportsmanship and time management.

You can find more information on the Regina High School Athletics Association’s website.

Game Schedules

Schedules of games are posted by coaches on the Luther website calendar. Games are also posted on the RHSAA website. Practices and other activities may appear on the school's website or in Google Classroom if the coach has set one up.

Athletic Teams

Tryouts begin in early March with twenty students of both genders comprising the squad. Several mini-meets occur each week, giving players a chance to play in a tournament format against two or three schools before the city championship which occurs on the last Saturday in April. Players who win gold or silver at cities advance to regionals and sometimes even to provincial finals.
SportJunior Boys Basketball
SportJunior Girls Basketball
SportSenior Boys Basketball
SportSenior Girls Basketball
We need a minimum of four boys and four girls from each grade to fill out our Luther College High School team roster. We run non-competitively on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays with the goal of improving fitness through aerobics. We represent Luther competitively each Tuesday after school at Douglas Park. Our season goes from the first day of school in the fall until the middle of October.
The overall philosophy is to have fun, but at the same time we encourage skill and strategy development. We also work on the development of interpersonal skills such as working together co-operatively and following through on a commitment. The curling season runs from the beginning of November to the middle of February. There are both recreational teams and competitive teams.
The Luther College Lions football team has been competing in Regina for almost 90 years. Currently, the Lions are in the Regina Intercollegiate twelve man Football League (RIFL) as a part of the Stewart Conference (5A) playing against Balfour, Greenall, Johnson & Martin. The regular season consists of 5 games. Four out of the 5 teams in the league progress onto the post season which consists of a semi-final and city final game. City final champions compete in the provincial semi-final for a chance to play in the provincial final, held in early November. All Luther College High School students are eligible to play providing they meet SHSAA and Team guidelines. Additionally, students must have the permission of a guardian, as well as medical clearance to participate.
Every year, Luther College High School fields a competitive golf team to participate in a series of tournaments. There are usually four tournaments in May and a city championship held in early June. Qualifying and provincial championships are played in the fall. Teams are co-ed and players come from every grade. To play competitive high school golf, players should have experience on a championship-length golf course.
The Luther Lions hockey program offers students an excellent opportunity to participate in a fun, yet competitive co-curricular program sanctioned by the RHSAA. Both female and male students are on the roster of the Luther College High School hockey team. In past years, the hockey team has travelled to places such as North Dakota, Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg to play exhibition games and to attend professional hockey games. All games are from 4:15 to 5:45 p.m. throughout the season.
SportBoys Soccer
Boys soccer has about forty boys involved in our senior and junior squads. League games are Tuesday and Thursdays and we take part in tournaments around the province in Yorkton, Saskatoon, Caronport and Swift Current.
SportGirls Soccer
Twenty to twenty-five enthusiastic girls from Grades 9 to 12 participate in the Girls soccer program each year. League games are held on Mondays and Wednesdays, and we take part in the Moose Jaw Soccerfest tournament in September. Our goals are to become a strong team and have fun by playing with energy and grit, improving our skills, building strong team spirit and developing new friendships.
Track and Field
SportTrack and Field
Track and field is a co-ed team sport of individual athletes. It is a sport of personal bests where the true spirit is captured by improving previous performances. You are expected to show desire, commitment and effort. In exchange we expect you to have high expectations of your coaches. It is our job to develop the programming and teach you the skills necessary to get the most out of this short season. It is our job to help you through workouts and competitions. Spread the word, a track team grows strong one athlete at a time.
Ultimate Frisbee
SportUltimate Frisbee
Ultimate Frisbee is a highly energetic, spirited and co-ed completive sport. Pre-season tryouts and practices take place indoors immediately following basketball season in April-May. The six week season occurs from May-June and finishes prior to final exams. Two to three teams will be formed between the experienced and non-experienced players dependent on age and skill level. League games are scheduled once per week. In addition to regular league play, there are two in town one-day tournaments. Ultimate Frisbee is not an RHSAA sanctioned sport, however is run in collaboration with RUFDC (Regina Ultimate Flying Disc Club).
SportJunior Girls
Games are scheduled for one to two times per week and practices occur on non-game days to a maximum of four days per week. The volleyball season consists of eleven regular season games, playoffs, and two to three tournaments, including one out of town tournament.
SportSenior Girls
The senior girls volleyball team typically consists of 10-12 players who practice 3-4 times and compete once each week.  Tryouts take place on the first two days of school, followed up quickly by a preseason tournament on the first Saturday back.  LIVT, our Luther Invitational Volleyball Tournament, which has grown in size and calibre over the years, is hosted by the entire school on the third weekend of September.  We participate in at most three other tournaments, at least one of which is a travel weekend. Playoffs take place in November.
SportJunior Boys
Pom Team
SportPom Team
The pom team is a blend of gymnastics, dance and traditional cheerleading. The team performs and competes at various events and competitions. This year, Luther will have two teams - one Pom, and one dance.