Non-Saskatchewan Students Tuition Fees

2023-2024 Non-Saskatchewan Students Tuition Fees

At Luther College High School, we believe that an investment in your child’s education is one of the best decisions you can make. Tuition fees go directly to the operating budget of the school to provide an exceptional educational experience for your student.

Tuition for Non-Saskatchewan students is $42,910 and is due upon acceptance

  • Tuition for one semester - $25,750 for Non-Saskatchewan students

If a student receives their Canadian residency papers during the semester, the tuition fees will change for the next semester, it will not be prorated for the semester that they are currently in.

*Please note that Non-Saskatchewan students are required to live in the on-campus dormitory. Click here to view the dorm fees.

ll fees listed on the website are subject to change and are in Canadian dollars.