Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Luther College High School?
  • Small, close-knit caring environment
  • Academic challenges that prepare students for success in post-secondary education
  • Unique course and program opportunities including German, Latin, film and video, and the International Baccalaureate (IB) program
  • Opportunities to meet students from all over the world
What are you looking for in an applicant to Luther College High School?

The application process is meant to determine if the applicant’s goals and attitudes align with the experience and programs that we offer. We use the references and report cards submitted during the application process to determine a student’s attitude, enthusiasm and their eagerness to invest in their education. Student's comments about themselves are also important to our deliberations.

Do you accept applicants at all grade levels?

Yes, you can enter Luther in any grade, not just in grade 9.

Do you have to be Christian to go to Luther?

Students are not required to be Lutheran or members of the Christian faith. By welcoming students of all faiths and religious backgrounds, Luther College enjoys a richly diverse student body.

How much is tuition? Are there other costs?

It varies depending on if you are a Saskatchewan student or a non-Saskatchewan student.

Do you offer scholarships or other financial assistance?

Yes. We have entrance scholarships, as well as a bursary program.

Do you accept international students? Do you offer a home-stay program?

12% of our student body is from another country. All our international students live in our on-campus dormitory. International students can learn more about how to apply here.

Do you offer an ESL program?

Yes, we have ESL for students with an intermediate level of English of higher. We do not accept applicants with a beginner level of English.

Do you offer French Immersion?

We offer IB French, core French 9 to 12, and French immersion in grade 9 and 10 French classes. Students can choose grade 9 & 10 French immersion courses and French immersion students then take IB French 20 & 30. Students can maintain and even improve their French if they choose to follow this course schedule. Students who start in core French grades 9 - 12 also have the opportunity to finish in IB French and can end up functional in the language.

Do you provide transportation for local students?

Yes. We have bus service for students living in Regina and White City/Emerald Park. Families can pay for one-way service or two-ways.

What is the Luther College dress code? Can I wear jeans and sweatpants?

Yes. The Luther College dress code is available here. Luther’s dress code allows for jeans (blue denim) on relaxed dress days only. Sweatpants are acceptable in phys. ed. classes and sometimes on relaxed dress days.

What is Chapel?

All students attend daily chapel, which is part of our academic program and is a unique tradition at Luther College. Chapel is a time when the whole school gathers together to worship, laugh, and learn. It forms the foundation for Luther College’s strong community of support and respect. Chapel content varies from day to day and can include devotions led by students, faculty or clergy; motivational guest speakers; fun, community building activities, and music.

How many classes do Grade 9 students take?

There are 6 classes in each semester and then the lunch period. There are two semesters in a school year, for a total of 12 classes. Grade 9's are not allowed to take a spare, but may choose a Study Hall period each semester.

Do you have issues with bullying and racism in the Luther community?
  • One advantage of being an international school is that we have a highly diverse student body. Because of this, all our students spend time with different people every day. This helps students gain a perspective, respect and empathy for others who may have a different belief and background.
  • We have programs like chapel, international cafes and a harassment prevention policy to create a community where everyone, including students, can live and learn in a respectful environment. We are also a part of a larger network of Lutheran schools committed to equity and inclusion.
  • Grade 9 students also take a transitions class where they learn appropriate use of social media. Students can also talk to our counsellors with any issues they may be struggling with.
How much homework will I have to do?
  • This varies depending on the class. However, teachers will tell you how much each assignment is worth towards your grade which helps our students determine how much time you should spend on an assignment.
  • Teachers also try to coordinate their course load to avoid having a lot of high-value assignments due at the same time.
What is the difference between the IB certificate and IB diploma? (International Baccalaureate)
  • IB is an academically rigorous program for grade 11 and 12 students that also encourages development of the whole person through service, action and creative projects. It’s an international standard of study recognized by universities around the world. Classes can be recognized for university credits.
  • The IB diploma means all your classes in grade 11 and 12 are IB classes and that you take a Theory of Knowledge course, write an extended essay and undertake the CAS (Creativity, Action and Service) program.
  • Most students at Luther do the IB certificate which means anywhere from 1 to 4 of their classes are IB. This depends on what they are thinking of taking in university or if they have a special interest in a subject they love. Our academic vice-principal counsels our students in making these decisions when they register for their courses each year.
I’ve heard it’s hard to get good marks and that they might drop if I go to Luther. Is that true?
  • “Luther marks” may differ from an average high school in Saskatchewan, but there is no standard of marks – grades vary within the province, and even within school divisions. As an accredited IB World School, Luther teachers are held to a fair and universal standard of evaluating and assessing our students.
  • Luther College has a responsibility to prepare our students for university both academically but also with confidence, independence and a sense of responsibility. Not only that, once our students enter university they stay, they’re successful and their marks don’t drop.
  • Professors have told us they can tell who a Luther student is – they are well-prepared, can read for meaning, write well and communicate clearly. Over 96% of our graduates go on to the university of their choice.
What kinds of clubs and sports does Luther have?

We have a wide variety of extra-curricular activities. Some of our students have had national recognition for their achievements in improv and debate. Luther is also well-known for it's musical groups like the Advanced Vocal Ensemble (AVE - "ah-vey"). For athletics, Luther has very strong soccer and hockey teams and we are the proud hosts of the longest-running student basketball tournament in Canada, L.I.T

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