Vision & Mission


Quality education in a Christian context.


Luther College High School instills in students a love of learning and the value of knowledge, the worth of the individual, the importance of community, and an awareness of God’s world. It provides an intellectual, challenging and supportive environment where students gain a solid foundation for further education, life-long learning, and service to the community and world. Through the development of the “whole person” – social, emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual - students are well-prepared to become leaders as caring, ethical, critically engaged citizens. Students will also be well prepared for post-secondary education.


Luther College High School is distinguished by the Lutheran heritage of excellence in scholarship, freedom to pursue the truth, and an awareness of living in God’s grace. Working in a Christian context, Luther develops intellectual curiosity and promotes personal excellence in all areas of endeavour, welcoming students from all cultures and creeds. Luther delivers the highest quality teaching and learning in the liberal arts and sciences and enjoys recognition for excellence and innovation as a preeminent secondary school in Saskatchewan and a leading arts and science school in Canada. Students have access to outstanding experiences, facilities, faculty and staff.


Education in a Christian Context
We believe in Christian values that inform how we relate to one another and the world; we respect other's beliefs and encourage our students to explore their own spirituality and values

Challenging & Supportive High Quality Education
We believe in assisting students to achieve their full potential

Equity & Responsiveness
We believe in fairness for all people and value diversity

Parent, Community & Alumni Support
We believe in the richness and importance of the contributions of parents, alumni and community to the education of youth and the strength of the school

Financial Sustainability & Stability
We believe in the history, purpose and legacy of the school

We believe in being responsible for results

Progressive & Innovative
We believe in nurturing tomorrow’s leaders and decision makers