Allan & Barbara Christiansen (2017)

Allan & Barbara Christiansen (2017)

For over 30 years, Allan and Barbara Christiansen served the students of Luther College. They were both beloved members of the faculty and staff, admired by students and colleagues alike.

In 1964, Allan began his career at Luther as the Dean of Men, and a teacher of English and Christian Ethics. Newly married, Barbara lived in the dorm as well, caring for many students away from home for the first time and those who had come from overseas. Allan went on to become the Director of Student Services and Vice-Principal before becoming Principal from 1991 to 1994. As chapel speaker, trusted guidance counsellor and hockey coach, Pastor C touched the lives of thousands of students.

A pastor by nature, the name by which he was known could not have been a more appropriate description of the role he played in the lives of so many people. He was known as a kind and generous person, influential to all who met him. Allan retired in 1995 and passed away in July 1998. Barbara is currently the sustaining donor for the Allan Christiansen Memorial Scholarships awarded to students who demonstrate a keen interest in learning and a caring attitude toward others.

Barbara served Luther College as treasurer from 1985 to 1998. Her office door was always open and welcoming. She mentored some of the younger faculty in money management, which was very helpful in a time before Google! She supported students by attending extra-curricular activities and kept in touch with many after graduation. Pastor and Mrs. C were especially supportive of the international students – at that time, mostly from Hong Kong.

The Christiansen’s have a long-standing relationship as past parents of Luther College, with all of their children growing up and graduating from the High School: Jeff in 1984, Heather in 1987 and Chad 1991. Pastor and Mrs. C were the heart of Luther College for decades where they developed relationships and connections to thousands of students, many of which continue to this day.