Who are the Student Peer Chaplains?

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Who are the Student Peer Chaplains?

University is a key moment of transition in life. The person you were, the friends that you had, the values that you grew up with are all going to be looked at and experienced in a new way as you rapidly learn and change through education. Some things you will keep, some things you will reform, and other things you will leave in your past.

The peer chaplaincy team is one way for all students to explore questions and build community on campus. Working with our Resident Assistants (RA’s) in the dorms, the Luther University Students Association (LUSA), and other partners, we put together a diverse group of people whose varied interests converge in a love of activism within the Luther College community. Education is rarely a solitary activity and the context of learning and integration matters to the whole process of earning your degree. Our peer chaplains run projects and apply their passions, talents, and abilities to befriend, support, and encourage those around them.

At Luther you are never alone. Your questions are welcome. We explore mind, heart, and spirit issues (sometimes separately and sometimes together). We look to the depth of tradition but also engage what is right in front of us. We are not about finding simple answers; we are about exploring better questions. No question is too simple or complex, and there is no topic off limits. The goal of peer chaplaincy is to stretch boundaries and challenge all of us to take the best of our scholarship and apply it to our whole lives and to our whole person.

If you are feeling discouraged, stressed, or simply home-sick, please talk to a peer chaplain or with Pastor Sean.

Check out the Events Calendar and our Chaplaincy Facebook page and the events list to see what our Peer Chaplains, LUSA, and RA’s have coming up at Luther.

Meet Your Peer Chaplains!

Rakan Alghaiber

Year: Post Graduate Studies
Faculty: Education
Majors: Human Resource Development Studies
Why I Became a Peer Chaplain: I am ambitious to represent the moderate and humane face of Islam in the multi-faith Canadian atmosphere. Also, I am motivated to support international students in their engagement process with the Canadian diverse culture. I am also excited to know about other religions and cultures, learn from and help students to get integrated in the new community and spread awareness for more open-mindedness.

Annaliese Beck-McKenzie

Year: Second
Faculty: Science
Majors: Biology
Why I Became a Peer Chaplain: I became a Peer Chaplain to help create space for community and promote social equality. To me, faith, in all its shapes and sizes, manifests itself in how we treat other beings. I, therefore, hope to encourage a healthy and diverse university community by facilitating dialogues that encourage spiritual and cultural awareness, food sustainability, creativity, and open-mindedness. 

Stacie Foster

Year: Fourth
Faculty: Arts
Majors: English, Social Justice
Why I Became a Peer Chaplain: To be a support system for those who need it and don’t know where else to turn. I am extremely excited about the multi-faith aspect of the Peer Chaplaincy program this year! I cannot wait to learn lots of new and amazing things that this year will hold! I love to constantly build on my knowledge of things and continually grow. I am looking forward to some amazing and ground breaking conversations that will hopefully come to fruition this year!

Aisha Ghulam

Year: Fourth
Faculty: Kinesiology
Majors: Human Kinetics
Why I Became a Peer Chaplain: Religion has always been a point of interest for me throughout my life as it gives me a sense of purpose and understanding of the events that take place in my life. As a student on campus, I believe it is essential that we open ourselves up to crossing boundaries we have created and reach out to others in order to learn about them, creating tolerance and acceptance among all. As a peer chaplain, I hope to create this community on campus.

Marty Grande-Sherbert

Year: Final
Faculty: Japanese
Majors: Linguistics and Religious Studies
Why I Became a Peer Chaplain: I believe that as people of diverse faiths or of no faith, the truth is we have far more in common than we realize. I want Luther College to be a place not just informed by a single tradition, but by a collaborative combination of the rainbow of other experiences its students bring. I would like to facilitate spaces that encourage justice, compassion, openness, and an opportunity to learn from each other in our collective journey to make our community strong.

Maysa Haque

Year: Post Graduate Studies
Faculty: Arts
Majors: Religious Studies
Why I Became a Peer Chaplain: I am excited to be launching a new LGBTQ+ & faith friendly discussion group called “Que(e)rying Faith” in September 2018. As a settler on Treaty 4 Territory who was also raised in a loving, affluent and empowering family, I acknowledges that I have many privileges. My work stems from the responsibility that comes with these privileges as well as my interconnected religious beliefs.