Peer Chaplains & Student Activities

Did You Know?

  • Luther College welcomes students of all faiths, ethnicities, backgrounds, religions, genders, and sexual orientation.

  • The Luther Library has over 18,000 items in its collection, 3,000 books checked out per year, and 6,000 students who come through its door per month.

  • Luther students can sign up for the UR Guarantee program - get a guaranteed job after you graduate!

  • Luther students can register in Arts, Science, or Media, Art, and Performance degree programs. All degrees are awarded by the U of R.

  • The Luther College Residence offers an early payment discount. You can save up to $225 when you pay by August 15 (for Fall) and/or December 15 (for Winter)!

  • Luther College students pay the same tuition and fees as other University of Regina students.

  • Luther College offers year-round campus and residence tours as well as one-on-one enrollment counseling.

  • The Luther College Residence hosts multiple social events and programs throughout the year, such as Christmas Dinner, International Night, Mardi Gras, and Karaoke Night.

Peer Chaplains & Student Activities

University is a key moment of transition in life. The person you were, the friends that you had, the values that you grew up with are all going to be looked at and experienced in a new way. Some things you will keep, some things you will reform, and other things you will leave in your past.

The peer chaplaincy team is one way for all students to explore questions and make community on campus. Our peer chaplains each take on a project each semester and, through doing so, apply their God-given talents and abilities to befriend, support, and encourage those around them.

University is an exciting time for personal and professional growth, freedom, and inspiration. It can also be a lonely, overwhelming, and stressful time. We hope these more challenging experiences are short-lived for you, and that they lead to greater, more positive things in your life. Maybe more than anything, chaplaincy at Luther College is about you being aware that there is always someone ready to listen and walk with you through any situation. You are never alone. Your questions are welcome! We are not about finding simple answers… we are all about exploring better questions! No question is too simple or complex, and there is no topic off limits.

If you are feeling discouraged, stressed, or simply home-sick, please talk to a peer chaplain or with Pastor Sean.

Our activities are excellent opportunities to combat loneliness, boredom, or stress. Engaging in community is always a good idea. Check out the Events Calendar for activity listings or visit our Facebook page.


Meet Our Peer Chaplains

Joshua Hendricksen

Year: Fourth
Faculty: Luther Media, Art, and Performance
Majors: Music Performance
Why I Became a Peer Chaplain: I was drawn to chaplaincy as a way to use my musical talents to try and aid in the nurturing of other's sense of spirituality, as well as the desire to try and build bridges between the chaplaincy and other groups I am passionate about.

Lila Gaertner

Year: Third
Faculty: Education
Majors: Middle Years
Why I Became a Peer Chaplain: I would love the opportunity to serve as a Peer Chaplain and be available to talk anyone about any faith. I love talking to people who are wanting to dig deeper into their spirituality.

Stacie Foster

Year: Third
Faculty: Luther Arts
Majors: English & Political Science
Minor: Theatre Performance
Why I Became a Peer Chaplain: To have the opportunity to be someone that people feel they can come to talk about anything. Also to continue building on the knowledge that I have and also to learn new things and to help people whenever they need it.

Megan Koot

Year: Final
Faculty: Luther Arts
Majors: Religious Studies & Linguistics
Minor: Theatre Performance
Why I Became a Peer Chaplain: I became a peer Chaplain to expand the influence of the multifaith movement that is present here at Luther College/University of Regina and to also gain more of a knowledge base of Christian practices particular to Southern Saskatchewan. My hope is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for students to learn, explore, and grow within their faith systems and their academics.