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Did You Know?

  • Luther College offers Bundles and Bundles Plus programs! Bundles and Bundles Plus are groupings of courses hand-selected by our academic advisors to help set new students up for a successful first semester.

  • All programs at Luther College offer study abroad opportunities. As an affiliate of the U of R, we have partnerships with 450 universities across 70 different countries.

  • Luther College opened the first residence on campus in 1971, and is still a “home away from home” to students: meals, laundry, and lifelong friendship included.

  • Luther College welcomes students of all faiths, ethnicities, backgrounds, religions, genders, and sexual orientation.

  • The Luther College Residence is a great place for student athletes; it’s conveniently located and comes with a great meal plan.

  • Luther College offers the best of both worlds: a smaller college environment with all the benefits of a larger university.

  • The Luther Library has over 18,000 items in its collection, 3,000 books checked out per year, and 6,000 students who come through its door per month.

  • It pays to go to Luther College. Literally. Luther students are eligible for an additional $100,000 in scholarships, in addition to all of the awards available to them as U of R!

Fall 2018 Luther Highlighted Courses

Be sure to check out the following Fall 2018 Luther Highlighted Courses before your register for classes:

RLST 290BA/WGST 280AO-L01: Religion and Gender, Sex and Sexualities in Historical and Contemporary South Asia - Dr. Michelle Folk

Religion contributes to the construction and understanding of gender and sex/sexualities. This course examines how this happens in both historical and contemporary South Asia, for example, how Hinduism informs gender and sex/sexualities in India, Islam the same in Bangladesh and Pakistan, or Buddhism in Sri Lanka.

(Prerequisite: Completion of 12 credit hours or RLST 100 or WGST 100.)

CTCH 200AG-L01: Branding, Advertising, and Design - Annalisa Raho

This course explores design practices for branding and advertising as they are developed in a professional environment. Through experiential learning processes, lectures, case studies, and studio projects, students will gain practical and theoretical knowledge to create and understand the visual language underpinning brand identities and advertising campaigns.

CTCH 200AK-L01: Visual Communication for the Web - Annalisa Raho

This course focuses on skills, experiences, and critical thinking related to the production of online experiences. While investigating case studies and visual communication principles, students will engage with projects including display/mobile advertising, as well as the design of a website.

RLST 267- L01: Religion in Canada: Diversity, Divinities, and Debates - Dr. Bryan Hillis
& Connor Thompson

When it comes to Canada, what do the First World War, our current system of education, debates over how one may be dressed when accessing public services, and 20th century labour disturbances have in common? None of it can be understood without taking into account the role religion played. Through guest speakers, seminar-style interaction, films, and lectures, this course will offer students an in-depth look at how religion has shaped Canada, and how Canada has shaped religion. Students in this course will better appreciate the country’s religious diversity and will be able to situate current debates involving religion within Canada’s past.

(Prerequisite: Completion of 12 credit hours or RLST 100. ***Note: Formerly number RLST 250. Students may not receive credit for both RLST 267 and RLST 250.)

For more information about each course, please visit our Highlighted Courses page.