Meet our Manager of Dining Services, Moe Mathieu

Did You Know?

  • ALL U of R students including Luther students can take Luther courses.

  • Small classes = big advantages. As a federated college, Luther College classes are typically smaller. This allows for students to connect with their profs and classmates.

  • Luther students enjoy personalized one-on-one academic advising: our academic advisors are here to help you from registration to graduation.

  • Luther College offers year-round campus and residence tours as well as one-on-one enrollment counselling.

  • It pays to go to Luther College. Literally. Luther students are eligible for an additional $100,000 in scholarships, in addition to all of the awards available to them as U of R!

  • The Luther Library has over 24,000 items in its collection, 5,000 books checked out per year, and 7,000 students who come through its door per month.

  • Luther College offers Bundles and Bundles Plus programs! Bundles and Bundles Plus are groupings of courses hand-selected by our academic advisors to help set new students up for a successful first semester.

  • Luther College offers the best of both worlds: a smaller college environment with all the benefits of a larger university.

Meet our Manager of Dining Services, Moe Mathieu

In July, 2016, Luther College at the University of Regina welcomed Moe Mathieu as our new Manager of Dining Services. Moe is an alumnus of Luther College High School (HS'88) and an honours graduate of Holland College in PEI, where he holds a culinary arts diploma and an applied culinary arts degree. He also holds a journeyman Red Seal Chef Certification and came to us from Saskatchewan Polytechnic in Saskatoon where he served as a Culinary Arts Instructor since 2009. He is the former part-owner of the Willow on Wascana and Beer Bros., and has many years of restaurant experience, both as a chef/caterer and in management.

Cafeteria food has a reputation, but Moe, who has a passion for nutrition, wants no part of it. Under Moe’s leadership, taking care of the nutritional needs of students and customers, while expanding their culinary horizons is top priority for the Luther Cafeteria. In short, the goal is to provide a food experience that is both enjoyable and nourishing.

Because food is such an important part of overall health, Moe ensures that the Cafeteria is constantly upping the ante in its delivery of fresh, healthy foods and balanced meals, as well as rising up to meet the ever-pressing challenge of living sustainably. The introduction of Meatless Mondays, an international movement that is well underway at many other universities and colleges across North America, is just one step that the Cafeteria has taken in this direction. Though Meatless Mondays removes meat from our plates for just one day a week, it goes a long way toward living sustainably. In addition, Meatless Mondays provide an exciting opportunity for our students and customers try something new, to fall in love with a new dish or food, and to see the wonder and excitement that food can bring to the table.

The LCUR Cafeteria saw some big changes over the summer of 2017 -- changes which were implemented to enhance the student/customer experience through self-serve “action stations”, including Salad Bar, Mediterranean, Lunch Favourites, Supper Favourites, Soup, and Dessert. Moe says he's excited about the enhanced services the changes aim to provide: “The action stations will be quick and easy. You just grab your plate, get what you want from each station, and as much of it as you want, and enjoy. Not only will this get students through the line up much more quickly, we are offering so much more selection than last year and the extended hours mean that there will be so much more time to take advantage of that selection. If you’re running to class at 3:00 p.m., the doors aren’t locked – we’re always open and there will always be options available. That’s pretty exciting. We’re looking forward to providing even better service to our students."

When you visit our cafeteria, you'll likely see Moe, milling about, checking on things -- his smile, infectious; his demeanour, approachable. Always looking for ways to improve upon his cafeteria, Moe encourages student and customer feedback. Likewise, if you have any questions, he's happy to field them. He can be reached by email at or by phone at 306-585-5033.