Luther Connect Program

Did You Know?

  • Luther College students can sign up for the UR Guarantee program - get a job guaranteed after you graduate.

  • To enroll as a Luther College student, simply fill out the University of Regina application form and select Luther as your campus of choice.

  • Luther College is the first choice for high school to university transition. Enjoy all the benefits of a larger campus, without feeling lost in the crowd. Our community is full of caring mentors and peers to ensure a positive student experience.

  • Every degree program at Luther College offers a study abroad option and an optional EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING COMPONENT where you gain real world experience and get paid while going to school!

  • Smaller class sizes at Luther College means more individualized attention and better connections with your professors, classmates, and academic advisors.

  • Our student residence, The Student Village at Luther College, is a great place for student athletes to call home. The U of R Kinesiology Building is footsteps away with its Olympic size pool, gymnasium, and health centre.

  • Luther College students are U of R students and receive all the same benefits. Upon graduation you will receive a U of R degree.

  • Free entrance counselling support and invaluable one-on-one academic advising are available for all programs at Luther College.

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Luther Connect Program

The Connect program is designed to help you connect your high school learning with the knowledge and skills you need for University. It will also help you connect with peers, mentors, and staff members who will help you along your journey through University. This is a collaborative program being offered by Campion College and Luther College.

There are two non-credit classes available through Luther Connect. Each one is 50 minutes per day, 5 days a week. One is a literacy class, intended to prepare you to read critically and write essays. This is likely to be most useful for Arts and MAP students. The other is a numeracy class, intended to prepare you to succeed in your introductory calculus class, and is likely to be most useful for Science students.

Please note that we anticipate Luther Connect will be very popular, so not all applicants will necessarily be placed in the program. Applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Only students registered through Luther College and Campion College will be considered for the Connect program. If you are a Campion student, contact your academic advisor for information about how to apply for Campion Connect.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to participate in Luther Connect?

  • Luther Connect is a free program offered to help first-year students prepare for University.

How do I register for Luther Connect?

  • You can register using the form below.

Who can register for this program?

  • Luther Connect is for first-year students registered through Luther College. Students must be registered in one course (3.0 credit hours) for the fall 2020 semester to participate. If you would like to become a Luther student, contact

How much time is this going to take?

  • This program will be under 7 hours per week for most participants. Classes will run for 50 minutes per day. There will also be a weekly workshop and mentoring session which are 60 minutes each.

Will I have to come to campus to participate in this program?

  • No, all aspects of the Connect program will take place online.

What technology will I need?

  • This program uses UR Courses and Zoom. Zoom is a free app that will run on a number of devices, including your computer, tablet or smart phone. UR Courses can be accessed through a web browser, and works best on a laptop or tablet rather than a phone.

Will my grades in this program show up on my transcript?

  • No, Luther Connect is a non-credit program and will not appear on your transcript.

What happens if I need to miss a class?

  • As a university student, you are responsible for managing your attendance, time, and participation in classes. Regular attendance in the Luther Connect program is expected. Missing a class for a good reason is permissible, but if you can’t commit to attending regularly, we ask that you leave room in the program for someone else.

I am nervous about the fact that I won’t have face-to-face classes this Fall.

  • Luther Connect is perfect for you! It’s an opportunity to experience what your classes will be link in the fall semester without worrying about your grades or tuition. You’ll also learn helpful skills for your University career at the same time!

Will I need to view course content at a certain time?

  • This program uses a blended approach of learning. Some content can be viewed and worked at on your own time, and other portions require you to join meetings or classes that follow a schedule.

What if the program fills up before I can register?

  • If the program fills up, your name will be placed on a waitlist and you will be notified by email if a spot becomes available for you.

How can I withdraw from this program?

  • If you wish to withdraw from Luther Connect, please contact so your spot can be made available to another student.