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If I am registered through Luther can I attend the University of Regina Graduation (Convocation) ceremony?

Yes - Luther students get a small and intimate graduation ceremony at Luther in the morning AND can attend the U of R ceremony in the afternoon
No - Luther students only attend Luther graduation

Who should choose Luther?

Pre-professional students
Students who are exploring their options or who are undecided on a degree program
Students who are passionate about social issues, chaplaincy, or community involvement
Any students wanting a small community, one-on-one academic advising, extra scholarship opportunities, or help transitioning to and/or from university
All of the above

Only Luther registered students can take Luther courses


What do students like most about the Luther Residence

The unlimited home-cooked dining plan
That it is the most economical housing option on campus
The global community
Unlimited laundry, internet, telephone & voicemail, cable, and utilities included in the fees
All of the above

What do Luther students like most about the college

Small class size and great teaching
Faculty and staff who care about them as individuals
Small caring college atmosphere on the U or R campus
Extra scholarship opportunities
Personalized academic advising
Opportunity to grow spiritually & explore your faith through Luther Chaplaincy programming
All of the above

Luther College welcomes...

Only Lutherans
Students from all Christian backgrounds
Muslims, Buddhists, Christians, and many other faiths - or no faith

Which 3 of the following U or R degrees can students registered through Luther College receive

Bachelor of Arts, Media, Art, and Performance, & Science
Bachelor of Nursing, Education & Social Work
Bachelor or Engineering and Applied Science, Kinesiology and Health Studies & Business

Does it cost extra to attend the University of Regina as a Luther student?


When Luther students graduate, which institution grants their degree

University of Regina
Luther College

Luther College is on the ____ campus:

University of Saskatchewan
University of Regina
University of Alberta
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