Micro-credential Survey

Did You Know?

  • Every degree program at Luther College offers a study abroad option and an optional experiential learning component where you gain real world experience and get paid while going to school!

  • Free entrance counselling support and invaluable one-on-one academic advising are available for all programs at Luther College.

  • Luther College offers Bundles programs that group together first-year students and classes to give you a great start and help ease the transition from high school to university.

  • The Luther Library has over 24,000 items in its collection, 5,000 books checked out per year, and 7,000 students who come through its door per month.

  • Luther students can register in Arts, Science, or Media, Art, and Performance. Luther students are U of R students and receive a U of R degree.

  • You can book a tour of Luther College, the U of R campus, and our student residence, The Student Village at Luther College, any time throughout the year. Contact our Recruitment Office at 1-306-206-2117.

  • Luther College students are eligible for an additional $100,000 in academic awards – in addition to scholarships and bursaries awarded by the U of R.

  • To enroll as a Luther College student, simply fill out the University of Regina application form and select Luther as your campus of choice.

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Micro-credential Survey

In response to community interest, the NVSSN is exploring the creation of micro-credentials for the non-profit and voluntary sector. We have prepared a survey in an attempt to develop an understanding of what might best serve the learning needs of the sector. Your feedback is invaluable to this process. Please take a few minutes to complete the 10-question micro-credential survey by clicking the button below. The survey closes June 10, 2022.

If you have any additional questions about the micro-credential process, or you would like to discuss it further, please do not hesitate to contact us at nvssn@luthercollege.edu