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Citizenship and Civic Engagement for a New Age

The pandemic and the multiple crises that surround it are forcing some Canadians to rethink their ideas of citizenship and civic engagement. What will active citizenship and meaningful civic engagement look like in the coming decade? What new role can volunteerism and the not-for-profit sector play? Join Josh Fullan of Maximum City for a talk and workshop on Citizenship and Civic Engagement for a New Age, including case studies and the critical importance of burnout recovery and reducing barriers to engagement through innovation and evidence-based practices.

Josh Fullan is the founder and executive director of Maximum City, a public engagement and education firm based in Toronto. He is a recognized expert in youth and intergenerational engagement, citizenship, civic education, and age-friendly cities. His writing and research on citizenship, play, physical activity, and the Canadian pandemic experience have appeared in a number of forums and publications including the Globe and Mail, Spacing, and Preventive Medicine Reports. His writing and media appearances can be accessed at: