Strategic Plan

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Strategic Plan

Luther College at the University of Regina (LCUR) is an open, inclusive liberal arts college that encourages a supportive learning environment for students of all faiths and backgrounds based upon Lutheran values of excellence in scholarship, teaching, and research. The term “liberal arts” in this document refers to academic programs in arts, fine arts and science. This Strategic Plan is the result of a year of research and exploration by all sectors of the College to identify trends, Key Issues, and Strategic Initiatives for 2014-2019.

Key Issues

The following list of strategic Key Issues to be addressed over the 2014-2019 five-year time period was identified by the All-College Retreat in August 2013 and further refined in subsequent Working Group and Coordinating Committee meetings:

  1. Competition for student residents affects profit

  2. Decreasing LCUR enrollments

  3. Perception that the liberal arts are not beneficial to a working vocation

  4. A need to enhance and better serve student diversity

  5. A need to ensure and enhance financial and overall capacity

  6. Lack of a distinct recruiting message

  7. Lack of effective LCUR marketing

Strategic Initiatives

Below is a summary of the Strategic Initiatives developed by the planning process. The main text of the Strategic Plan 2014-2019 contains the full description of the Strategic Initiatives organized by the six target areas represented by the assigned Working Groups.[1]

    1. Academic Programs and Liberal Arts

  • Implement Bundles and Bundles Plus: clusters of introductory courses which employ specific teaching and learning strategies with identifiable skill development
  • Establish a Writing Across the Disciplines program to develop student facility in written communication
  • Initiate a Foundation Year program for entering students with interdisciplinary opportunities and enhanced skill development in writing, information literacy, communication, and creative thinking
  • Develop common LCUR course outlines that identify learning outcomes and skill development, and create attractive web access to outlines

    2. Marketing

  • Develop clear and unique messaging regarding liberal arts, academic excellence, and student services
  • Improve internal communications
  • Re-connect and enhance communications with alumni
  • Improve external signage

    3. Recruitment and Enrollment

  • Enhance LCUR’s website and social media presence
  • Enhance recruitment efforts in target areas through additional and enhanced personal visits, community engagement, on-campus events, and marketing efforts
  • Work internally (LCUR) and externally (University of Regina) to improve current structural challenges
  • Investigate and implement intentional international recruitment

    4. Student Diversity and Services

  • Provide tuition scholarships to Aboriginal Students; develop a Studentsfirst transition program similar to the UPrep program for Aboriginal Students[2]
  • Implement strategies to attract international students to LCUR as registered students and as residents of the LCUR Residence; develop International Students success partnership agreements with international regional governments
  • Provide study spaces and physical accessibility to academic spaces for students with special needs; provide sensitivity training for LCUR faculty and staff; develop a Studentsfirst transition program similar to the UPrep program for students with special needs
  • Reflect a variety of faith and belief traditions by deploying inclusive symbols and art work; cultivate multi-faith relationships
  • Encourage LGBTQ [3] student involvement; engage faculty and staff in a Positive Space Program

    5. Physical Plant

  • Renew the residence and food services
  • Revitalize the Lynk area
  • Develop fully accessible classrooms
  • Streamline the delivery of services to students

    6. Finance and Capacity Building

  • Develop workshops that would build basic and intermediate life skills; develop volunteer projects based around LCUR where students can use their skills to enhance LCUR
  • Utilize alumni database to improve fundraising efforts; enhance donor recognition programs
  • Develop a program involving students as researchers to develop free textbooks; encourage instructors to use low/no cost textbooks
  • Create and utilize a formal and informal networking map

Further decisions regarding how this Strategic Plan will be implemented have yet to be made.

[1] Appendix A lists other proposed Strategic Initiatives, which may be brought forward and further developed in subsequent years.

[2] “UPrep program” refers to the Luther College University Preparation Program for International Students who have been accepted into a degree program at the University of Regina and recognize that transition support will help them to succeed in their university studies in Canada.

[3] The “LGBTQ” acronym represents an area of student diversity based on sexual orientation and gender known as: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer.