High School

Did You Know?

  • Luther College students pay the same tuition and fees as other University of Regina students.

  • Luther students enjoy personalized one-on-one academic advising: our academic advisors are here to help you from registration to graduation.

  • Luther College welcomes students of all faiths, ethnicities, backgrounds, religions, genders, and sexual orientation.

  • Luther College offers year-round campus and residence tours as well as one-on-one enrollment counselling.

  • Luther College offers Bundles and Bundles Plus programs! Bundles and Bundles Plus are groupings of courses hand-selected by our academic advisors to help set new students up for a successful first semester.

  • The Luther College Residence offers an early payment discount. You can save up to $225 when you pay by August 15 (for Fall) and/or December 15 (for Winter)!

  • It pays to go to Luther College. Literally. Luther students are eligible for an additional $100,000 in scholarships, in addition to all of the awards available to them as U of R!

  • Luther College opened the first residence on campus in 1971, and is still a “home away from home” to students: meals, laundry, and lifelong friendship included.

High School

Information Nights

Information nights at the High School campus were held on November 25, 2015, January 14, 2016, and February 25, 2016, and turn out to these events continue to be strong. Much of this is due to the Future Luther Student program, word of mouth, increasing interest in Luther, the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, and Alison Keramati’s hard work.


For the fourth consecutive year, incoming grade 9 class enrollment (131) was strong. Total enrollment in 2015-16 (as of June 30, 2016) was 443 students, an increase of 4% from 2014-2015:
Grade 9                                  131 students
Grade 10                                108 students
Grade 11                                106 students
Grade 12                                98 students


Number of Graduates
In 2016, there were a total of 93 students who graduated from Luther College High School.

Scholarships & Awards
Entrance – 34 students
Returning & Graduating – 119 students

Graduation Survey
A graduation exit survey was conducted for all grade 12 students. 75% of the students who responded to the survey indicated that their reasons for attending Luther were fulfilled and 78% would recommend LCHS to other students. The most frequently listed advantage of attending Luther was university preparation and an excellent education (54%), and most frequently listed disadvantage was the heavy workload and homework (combined for 37%).

Faculty/Staff Updates

  • Dr. Julia Mitchell was hired as the Academic Guidance Counsellor full time in October 2015;
  • Conley Forsberg (cook) and Chris Lachowitzer (baker and food preparation) and resigned from their cafeteria positions in November 2015 and December 2015, respectively;
  • Tara Barsi was hired as cooking staff in December 2015;
  • Alanna Kalyniuk resigned from her position as Campus Registrar in March 2016 after six years of service;
  • Jacqueline Wanner was appointed as the new Registrar in April 2016; her previous position was as the Administrative Assistant;       
  • Wendy Sauer was hired as the Administrative Assistant in April 2016; 
  • Daryl McKinnon completed a two-year stint in the Music Department in June 2016, where he assumed half of Melissa Morgan’s duties while she worked on her Ph.D. 


CAIS (Canadian Accredited Independent Schools)
David Keeping, Director of Planning & Business Development, continued to compile the High School campus’s application for CAIS, which will serve as a reputable agency capable of benchmarking the effectiveness of all facets of Luther’s programming. The accreditation review is scheduled for April 30 to May 3.

Native Studies
Joel Beres
taught the High School’s inaugural Native Studies class. For students who choose to enroll, the class will fulfill their Ethics 30 requirement.

Block Scheduling Trial (100 minute classes)
Surveys were issued to parents, students, faculty, and ESL instructors as a follow up to the High School’s block schedule trial of October 2015. The input from these four constituencies helps the High School make the most informed decision possible. When considering any major initiative such as a timetable change, the school’s over-arching aim is to always discern what is best educationally for the students of Luther and truest to the College’s mission. After weighing the input and carefully considering the “big picture” of Luther College, the High School decided to not move to a block schedule.

Mother Theresa Middle School
The High School continues to develop its relationship with Mother Theresa Middle School (MTMS), a Jesuit informed elementary school. There are twelve MTMS students currently enrolled at the High School. These young adults often come from tragic circumstances and typically from poor socio-economic conditions. Luther College feels that providing educational opportunities to such students is not only an ethical imperative, but entirely consistent with the College’s mission.

Information Technology
A large part of the 2015-2016 school year was devoted to assessing the High School’s current IT situation (both pros and cons), and developing a new comprehensive plan designed to meet current and future technological needs as faculty had expressed much dissatisfaction with the school’s current equipment and processes. Most of this planning was assumed by administration, consultant David Ell (a retired Regina Catholic system IT expert), and a newly appointed faculty IT committee.

Strategic Planning
A new three-year (2017-2019) Strategic Plan for the High School campus was drafted in 2015-2016 and included consultation with all of the school’s faculty and staff. The final draft of the Plan will be submitted to the Board for approval in Fall 2016.

Provincial Regulations

All remaining historical high schools in Saskatchewan including Luther College High School were circulated a redrafted Independent Schools Regulations (which are part of the Education Act) by the Ministry of Education to provide their feedback. Defunct historical high schools will not be named in the new Regulations because the Ministry fears less educationally minded groups may claim a legal right to reopen the schools under different auspices with different educational visions. The Ministry intends to protect only the existing historical schools because of their well-established track records of providing excellent educations, and producing quality citizens ready to contribute to a multicultural, liberal democracy.

High School Chaplaincy

Pastor David Peterson, in his second year at the High School, continued to teach Christian Ethics 30 (CETH 30) which involves a variety of themes including foundational concepts in ethics, the ethics of Jesus, and justice and solidarity with the poor. In the Fall 2015 semester, a special CETH 30 class focused on social justice issues and explored ideas such as liberation theology. This special focus was designed to support the learning done on the Ethics 30 international trip.

In February 2016, a group of eleven students and three chaperones travelled to Cuernevaca, Mexico for the international trip; it was determined in September 2015 that the original location of El Salvador was too dangerous due to the political situation. The group was hosted by Pastor Kim Ernlo and his group CREAR (Convergencia de Resistencia  y Esperanza en las Américas), which offered something similar to the learning that CRISPAZ had done with the previous El Salvadorian groups. The CREAR hosts were very informative and introduced the group to a number of important ideas including justice for Aboriginal people, intrusive mining practices, and migrant labour. The trip also included some field trips where the group visited a women’s cooperative daycare and community farm, and visited with local activists for clean water. President Hillis is to be credited with saving the ethics trip as he suggested an alternative location. Unfortunately, the change in location caused about half the original candidates to drop out of the trip. There was an attempt to launch another trip to Mexico in 2017 but there was not enough commitment to make the trip feasible so the school is looking at 2018 for the next international trip.

There was quite a spectrum of chapel guests such as female clergy Pastor Lynn Robertson and Pastor Carla Blakely, Salwa Mazahar, a Peer Chaplain at the University campus from the Islamic Community, and Chief Cadmus Delorme from the Aboriginal community, who came to speak to the students this year. Each provided their own perspective and ideas, and were well received by the students. The daily chapel at the High School is intentionally becoming more Christian focused while still being welcoming to a diversity of voices and faiths.

Pastor David continued to build and maintain connections with students through Peer Support where he and Mrs. Wilkinson try to put useful skills such as empathic listening into the hands of the students. He has also welcomed student-led chapels and involving students in services wherever possible. Additional Chaplain presence is felt during Professional Development Days with prayers, meditations, and reflections, communion services at the faculty retreat and during Lent and Advent, the Homecoming Service, Founder’s Day, and Candlelight Services among other formalities. Pastor David provides support to staff and students as required and aims to maintain a “ministry of presence” to all members of the High School.

Alumni Relations, Development & Communications

The Alumni Relations, Development & Communications function is an essential component of Luther College High School as it focuses on strengthening relationships with constituents that help maintain the viability of the institution. This focus assists fundraising and engagement within the community of alumni, current and past parents, donors, and friends of the College. To that end, several events and activities were held this year to support this objective.


Fundraising activities at the high school remain steady with our alumni, parents, grandparents, board members, staff, faculty, and friends of the College continuing the tradition of giving at Luther College.

A Time to Build Campaign
Fundraising efforts for the A Time to Build capital campaign continued in 2015-2016. As of June 30, 2016, the A Time to Build campaign has raised almost $10,959,592. This includes donations from alumni and friends of the College, as well as reserve from previous fundraising efforts and a contribution from the provincial government. This milestone represents over $340,328 in new pledges and gifts received within the 2015-2016 fiscal period. This money was raised through special events, direct mail appeals, and face-to-face meetings with donors. Special fundraising efforts included a “Student Calling Campaign” which ran from October to December 2015, raising $8,800. A part-time supervisor and paid students were hired to run this campaign. A “Lawyers of Luther” fundraising event in September 2015 raised another $25,000 towards the capital campaign. During L.I.T. in February 2016, a reception was held to honour Bob Davis who taught at Luther from 1960-1968 as an associated fundraising appeal which raised $17,000. The Lorne & Evelyn Johnson Foundation also supported the campaign with a $25,000 donation.

Donor Wall
Plans and designs for the A Time to Build donor wall were finalized in the spring of 2016 under the guidance of the Donor Wall Committee consisted of members of the board, current faculty and staff, and alumni. Brook Recognition Systems from Winnipeg, Manitoba was selected for the design and production. The donor wall will be unveiled in the fall of 2016.

Black & Gold Gala
The second annual Black & Gold Gala was held on January 23, 2016. The event was organized by a dedicated group of parent volunteers working in conjunction with the High School’s Development Office. This memorable event was intended to both raise funds and to promote fellowship among the parents and friends of Luther College. Thanks to the generous support of our volunteers, sponsors, parents, alumni, and guests, the Gala raised over $25,000. Proceeds from the Gala went towards the new sound system in the Merlis Belsher Heritage Centre. Special thanks to our Gala Co-Chairs, Kim Mack and Jill Anderson, and to all of the other Gala Committee members for their hard work and dedication.

Direct Mail Appeals
Please refer to the Annual Appeals section on page 30.

Parent Fundraising
Luther College parents continue to support the school through donations. In May 2016, a special grade 12 parent appeal letter was sent to all grade 12 parents asking for donations to the “Grade 12 Parent Class Gift,” which raised $4,100.

New Scholarships
In June 2016, the Kramer Family committed to a $1.5 million gift to fund aboriginal students attending the high school over the next ten years. The Dilawri Foundation also committed $500,000 ($50,000 per year over ten years) to provide financial assistance for student in need. The Jeniffer Faro Affeldt award, which is now fully endowed, was presented for the first time at the Baccalaureate ceremony in June 2016.

Entrance Awards & Donor Reception
Entrance awards ceremony on October 21, 2015 was attended by five donors but also well attended by recipients and their families. The Ted Cardwell Bursary was also presented for the first time to a Luther student from Imperial School.

Baccalaureate Donor Tea
We held the Baccalaureate Donor Tea to recognize scholarship donors and the recipients who receive the award.


Homecoming 2015 was held October 9 & 10, 2015 and attended by sixty-nine people; fifty-one alumni plus their guests.

Musical Dessert Reception
Musical dessert reception prior to The Sound of Music was held with twenty-four attendees – mainly retired staff and board members and donors.

Alumni Basketball Game
LIT Alumni basketball game and alumni brunch was held February 13, 2016 attended by forty alumni.

Calgary Alumni Reception
Calgary alumni BBQ was hosted by Janice Kuchinka (HS’57) and attended by twenty-seven people, many of whom had not recently been engaged with the school

Alumni Chapel
Alumni Chapel speaker was Jeff Christiansen (HS’84, U’90). This event is key for attracting former faculty.


We increased our strategic focus to improve communication externally and internally with the development of the first draft of a comprehensive LCHS communications plan.  Website maintenance continues to be a focus, particularly for recruitment of new students. Luther College High School created an official Instagram account, and a majority of our followers are current and/or recent students. Our Twitter and Facebook accounts remain active as well, particularly for student and alumni achievements and current events. The Communications Officer continues to support publicity for school-related functions such as musical and admissions events.

New Parent Meet & Greet
This event, focused on retaining new families that will be starting at Luther in the fall, was held on May 26, 2016 to engage new families and students into the Luther community by introducing them to current established families.

Policy and Procedures
A Donor Recognition Policy has been drafted, reviewed and approved by Development Committee. Naming Policy & Gift Acceptance Policy are still under development.