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Did You Know?

  • Luther College students are U of R students and receive all the same benefits. Upon graduation you will receive a U of R degree.

  • Our student residence, The Student Village at Luther College, welcomes residents from ALL post-secondary institutions in Regina. Rooms come with a meal plan, free laundry, free wi-fi, and a great sense of community.

  • The deadline for academic application is March 15. To book a personalized entrance counselling appointment, contact our Recruitment Office at 1-306-206-2117.

  • Free entrance counselling support and invaluable one-on-one academic advising are available for all programs at Luther College.

  • The Luther Library has over 24,000 items in its collection, 5,000 books checked out per year, and 7,000 students who come through its door per month.

  • Our student residence, The Student Village at Luther College, is a great place for student athletes to call home. The U of R Kinesiology Building is footsteps away with its Olympic size pool, gymnasium, and health centre.

  • Smaller class sizes at Luther College means more individualized attention and better connections with your professors, classmates, and academic advisors.

  • Eating better means studying better. The Luther Cafeteria offers fresh, healthy, nutritious meals seven days a week with a self-serve “all-you-care-to-eat” concept students prefer.

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Thank You to Our Donors

Founders’ Day Dinner 2018

The Founders' Day Dinner is a time when Luther College pauses each year to honour the individuals whose contributions allow the College to pursue its mission and fulfill its vision. The evening is named in recognition of all those people, past and present, who have participated in the establishment and growth of the College.

On Thursday, November 15, 2018, over 110 friends, alumni, faculty, and staff of the College gathered in the Merlis Belsher Heritage Centre (old gym) at Luther College High School (LCHS) to celebrate the College’s donors and supporters. The evening included entertainment provided by Vanessa Hu and Suyenna Huang, Grade 12 LCHS students as well as Luther College at the University of Regina (LCUR) alumnus, Will Ireton (U’18), an update on the state of the College by Dr. Bryan Hillis, President of Luther College, and recognition of twenty-one donors entering a new cumulative lifetime giving level. There are now 242 families, individuals, and organizations who are members of the Founders’ Society. Dr. Don King (LCHS) and Dr. Art Krentz (LCUR) were presented with the 2018 Distinguished Service Award.

Every gift to Luther makes a difference, and every donor matters. The annual Founders’ Day Celebration is one way of showing our donors of how deeply thankful Luther College is for their dedication and support.

Financial Support in 2018-2019

The following individuals, corporations and foundations donated financial support to Luther College in 2018-2019. Their generosity allows us to offer enhanced core activities and programmes, purchase new equipment and technology, increase financial aid for our students and improve our exceptional facilities so that students receive the very best educational experience.

We make every effort to ensure that this listing is accurate however, inadvertent errors may occur. If this has happened, we apologize and ask that you contact ARDC Office at

$250,000 - $449,999
Central Evangelical Luther Church of Regina

$50,000 - $99,999
Bryan & Joanne Hillis
Kevin Knight
The Meekins Family
Hertha Pfeifer Foundation
The Dilawri Foundation
Kusisto-Sexton Foundation

$10,000 - $49,999
Lloyd* & Duna Barber
Merlis Belsher
Ernie Everingham*
Candice & Craig Grotsky
Graeme & Sandra Hepworth
Christine (Wright) Kahler
Brent Leach
Ken & Brenda Leach & Family
Speers Funeral Chapel/Lumbard Family
Donnie MacKay & Kayla Punshon
John & Leah Phillips
Jennifer & Duane Schellenberg
Eugene & Debra Seitz
The Tell Family
Henry Timnick
Robert & Lois Vanderhooft
Lorne & Evelyn Johnson Foundation

$5,000 - $9,999
Anonymous (1)
Morris & Betty Anderson
Mike & Michelle Fritzler
Affandy & Yvonne Hariman
Rich & Bernadette McIntyre
Rachel Mielke and Hillberg & Berk
Posehn Foundation
Darann & Wendy Sauer
Ron & Elizabeth Shirkey
Cornelia Taschow-Graupe
Fouche & Wilna Williams

$1,000 - $4,999
Anonymous (3)
Mark & Roxanne Anderson
Jim Arsenych
Sue Barber
Janet & Sterling Bjorndahl
Daphne Bramham
Brian Brewer
Carole Bryant
Kelly Butz
Rob & Tanya Cameron
Ted & Sharon Cardwell
Stacey Cattell & Family
Paul Kwan Hon Chan
Josephine Chang
Suzie Daum
Robert & Dorothy Dunlop
Allison & Lee Elliot
Nicole Fahlman
Lil Farley
Ben, Darlene, Burton, Justin & Sarah Freitag
Kevin Gooding
Kunal & Seema Goyal
Volker Greifenhagen & Susan Cherland
Dona Gritzfeld
Richard Haack
Darlene Harrison
Dennis & Beth Hendricksen
Russel Husum in memory of Adolph Husum
Carmen Johnson
Ryan Johnson
Don & Pat King
Henry & Edythe* Kinzel
Bette Klein
Murray Knuttila
Thea & Antoinette le Roux
Mona Leippi
Pat & Inger Marshall
Tshilay & Roselyn Matand
Donald J. McCarville
Mark McCondach
Harvey & Marilyn McEwen
Gunter Mende
Joann Mundin
Dwight & Christine Nelson
Linda & John Nilson
Vivian & Gerry* Norbraten
Jana Odling
Don & Lydia* Olafson
Nigul Onder & Martin Hewson
Bruce & Cherry Perlson
John & Wanda Persson
Yvonne Petry & Gary Driver
Verda Petry
David & Leanna Prost
Barbara Reul
David & Gretchen (Schneider) Risch
Reid & Annabel Robinson
Rainer & Joy-Ell Sahlmueller
John & Caroline Salaway
Warren Sauder
Ron Schramm
William Schultz
Daryl Shirkey
Bryan & Cyndi Sigurdson
Murray & Marg Sihvon
Joann & Stan Morgan
Bob & Laura Steadward
Shawn Stieb
Candace & Trevor Sundbo
Greg Swanson
Connie & Rob Switzer
A. Kent Symons
Karl & Kathy Tiefenbach
Margo Toole
Hao & Hong Tran
Barry Vall
Aukje & John Van Engen
Bill Vancise & Sybile Tremblay
Nancy Vancise
Andrea Wagner
Bud & Shirley Walker
Wanda Wenman
Victoria Whitmore
Renee Wilkinson
Willows Family in Memory of Joe & Ethel Willows       
Barb & Dave Wright
Dean & Katherine Zimmer
Elaine Zinkhan-Turnbull
Dusyk & Barlow Insurance Brokers Ltd.
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada

$500 - $999
Anonymous (7)
Bert & Ruth Adema
Stephen Anderson
Holly Badutz
Gregory Brandt
Holly Budinski
Lyndon Carlson
James Kwan-Lim Chan
Mary-Lynn Charlton
Dionne De Jager
Edward & Margaret Diakow
Darren Dyck
Kim & Chris Engen
Craig Francis
Darcy Friesen
Larry & Gail Fry
Laurel Glanfield
Steve Haddad
Daranne Harris
Maureen Harrison
Jody Hilderman
Peter Hilsden
Richard Hordern & Nancy Talsness Hordern
Albert Jeon
Lori & Daryl Kelln
Lisa King
Marty Klyne
Berbel & Alvin Knoll
Kenneth Koskinen
Marvin Lange
Mona & Larry Lindstrom
John Mang
Derek McCall
PJ & Erica Morris
Erik Norbraten
Corinne Norbraten
Garth Norbraten
Nancy Ostime
Lorna Pederson
Roger Petry
Erica & Christopher Riggs
Judy Seifu
Rommel Seno
Darren Smart
Alice Jean Smistad
Herb Stoehr
Peter Tiefenbach
Leanne Tourney
Corinne & Roger Vogel
Rebecca Voigts Larson & Stephen Larson
Gary & Wendy Williams
Craig Wilson
Luther University Student Association
St. Mark’s Lutheran Church

$10 - $499
Jonathan Achtzehner
Phil Achtzehner
Marsha & Jim Ackerman
Sean Adair
Gregory & Helen Akulov
Efren & Pat Alejandria
Wanda Allison
Laurie & Kevin Altwasser
David Altwasser
Blake Anderson
John Anderson
Verna Anderson
Marieka Andrew
Doreen Arnott
Gesa Arscott
Michele & Raymond Arscott
Deena Arthur
Derek Arvidson
Barb & Doug Ast
Hal & Donna Baldwin
Stephen Barlow
Erin Bayne
Myron & Valerie Becker
Mark Becker
Tina Behboud
Lorraine Belanger
Mary Bella
Ken Bender
Angela Bethune
Marlene Betker
Michelle Beveridge
Anita & Gurpreet Bhatia
Shirley Blythe
Laurence & Carol Boesch
Robert Bradley
Lydia Bramham
Linda Brookes
Chet & Patti Brothers
Marsha Brown
Ken & Mary Brown
Elta Brown
Jean Cameron
Rick Cancade
Beth Candlish
Michelle Caron
The Carson Family
Philip & Toshiko Charrier
Kim Chase
Meredith & Carl Cherland
Leonard & Glory Christensen
Jim Coldwell
Carol Cook
Paul Cropper
Cristina Cruz
Glenn Dalrymple
Gordon & Debbie DeMars
Steve Dencsak
Jonathan Denis
Alan Dill
Shirley Dodds
Mark Dorey
Jim & Sandra Down
Kimberly Dubois
Joanne Dusterbeck
Sarah & Michael Dymund
Harvey Eamor
Anna Echols
Sharon Eisbrenner
Jennifer Embury
Theresa Eng
Melissa Enns-Delgado
Jerry & Ruth Erickson
Kaye Evans
Denise Exner
James Farley
Luba Feduschak
Jan Ferguson
Shannon Fink
Dennis & Joyce Fitz
Michael & Lynn Fix
Chris & Bernie Flynn
D’Arcy Forster
Doug Foster & Darlene Lamla
Laura & Bill Franko
Wendy Frejd
Michelle Friesen
Warner Fyfe
Sharon Gabert
Alyce Garratt
Laurel Garven
Margaret Ann & Ernie Gaschler
Susan Gatin
Tera Gaudry
Gerry Gerrand
Sina Gillis
Joan & Carl Gillis
Gordon Glaicar
Lyn Goldman
Jon & Dayna Graf
Beryl Graf
Gordon Grant
Thelma & Don Grant
Otto & Heidi Gudehus
James Gunningham
Mary Gurel
Wayne Gwillim
Randy Haatvedt
Marlene Hall
Dave Hall
Glenn Hammond & Yasmin Lau
Alan & Mary Lou Hammond
Doug & Colleen Harle
Steve & Carla Harle
Peter & Sheila Harlos
Kathy Harrison
Rhonda Harrison
Harvey & Sylvia Haugen
Peter & Gaylene Haugen
Laverne Hautz
Amanda Hayward
Keith Hecker
Helga Hein
Gerald Heinrichs & Therese Kenny
Joshua Hendricksen
Alana Hepworth
Martin & Jenelle Heroux
Jeff Hilderman
Miriam Hilderman
Laura Hillis
Karla Hillis
Erin Hillis
Reg & Marlene Hinz
Margaret Hodges
Vern Hoff
Graham Hoffman
Irene Hohm
Marty Holobow
Lorne Horning
Mary Houston
Shannon & Bill Houston
Tiffany Howard
Charlene Howard
Terry & Sharon Howe
Diane & Edward Howes
Paulette Hubbs
Paul Humbert
Anjali Hundal
Jody Hunter
Robert & Violet Jacob
Eric & Jeanette Johansen
Susan Johnston & Marcel DeCoste
Paige Johnstone
Brian Jones
Suneetha Jones-Banco
DeVona & Angus Juckes
Jodi Kalaitzakis
Sonia Karpus
Kevin & Kim Kasha
Norwood & Lois Kavanagh
David & Brenda Keeping
Roanne Kelln
Joanne Kidd
Marie Kienle
Kawon Kim
Steve & Lee Kimbleton
Earl Kinzel
Margaret Kiviharju
Herb & Nadine Klassen
Gary Korven
Simon Kostic
Barb Krause-Snow & Martin Snow
Arthur & Caroline Krentz
Helen Krozser
Judd Kruger
Elizabeth Kuglin-Alyea
Jeannette Kuiper
John & Monica Kurtz
Serena La Posta
Lai-See Winnie Lam
Kay Lamla
Harvey Lammer
Margaret Lamont
Gary Lane
Donna Larsen
Ken & Marlene* Lee
Marilyn & Don Lee
Enid Lemke
Carla & David Lerner
Shane & Melanie Lightfoot
Huai Liu & Li Chen
R. Lloyd Family
Mark & Joyce Lobitz
Sara Lohnes
Giena Ludwig
Dennis & Leone Lynnes
Alex MacDonald
George Maier
Harry & Pat Mandziak
Ruben Manz & Katherine Cheah
Edgar Manz
David Martin
Bert McBride
Samira B. McCarthy
Elaine McFadden
Jim & Beth McHattie & Family
William McLellan
Trevor McLeod
Jean McLuhan
Dean & Arita McPherson
Alec & Carolynn McPherson
Paula Champ Meeres
Derek Milen
Cory Millar
Roland Miller
Ed Miller
Norman Minor
Eunice Misskey
Mark Moellman
Elizabeth Morgan
Thomas Mortensen
Ron Mrazek
Siegrune Muffoletto
Glenda Murray
Abeer Musa & Magdi Ali
Ravi & Radhika Myneni
Alvin & Helen Neher
Dwight Nelson
Virginia Nicholson
Bill Nickel
Donna Nicurity
Soren Nostbakken
Joyce Oleson
Valerie Orb
Derrick & Kim Ottenbreit
Akbar Patel
Mike Paterson
Sharon Penner
Peter Peters
Myrna Peterson
Karen & Greg Pflanzer
Barbara Phillips
Ron & Margaret Plunz
Carol Popp
John Preikschat
Verna Purcell
Bev Pyne
Luanne & Evan Quick & Family
Rebecca Rackow
Blenda Ramsay
John & Patricia Raymer
Gail Reitenbach
Dale Richardson
Owen & Beverly Roberts
Sheri Roland
Myrna Russell
Wayne Sather
Harvey Sauder
Jan & Clarence Schmidt
Angela & Larry Schmitt
Herb Schneider
Carol Schroeder
Gus Schroeder
Linda & Don Schurko
Sharon Selby
Simi & Nimit Shah
Gordon Shepherd
Brent Shirkey
Jacqui Shumiatcher
Glennis Sigurdson
Bill Silver
Terry & Patricia Simonson
Darren Simpson
Mary Simrose
Don & Trudy Sjoberg
Gaylene Smith
Lisa Smith
David Smith
Willis & Gloria So
Roger & Lisa Sobotkiewicz
David & Sharon Solheim
Maynard Sonntag
Sherry Soroka
Bin Yun Soung & Hyung Shim Choi
Dick Southworth
Adeloye Soyege
Ken Stalwick
Brendan Stevens
Derek Stovin
Peter & Janice Stratychuk
Brian Stubbings
Roger Sylvestre & Elaine Giroux-               
Jon & Michelle Tamlin
Weibin Tan
Ken & Shirley Taylor
Evgene Thera
Charlotte Thompson
Kim & Myrtle Thorson
Shirley Thurm
Cheryl & Jim Toth
Manual & Lilibeth Ulatan
Howard Ulmer
Marcie Ulmer
Jim & Terelyne Vadeboncoeur
Kristine & Geoff Vallance
Michael & Paula Van Vliet
Joan Vanthuyne
Ron Vasilash
Andrew Vasilash
Wilbert & Darleen Walter
Wanda Walter
Erich Walter
Wesley Walters (Weslowski)
Wei Wang & Shuyun Gong
Charlotte Watson
Taylor Weisgerber
Arnold Werstler
Ann Wiebe
Stewart & Mary Anne Wilkinson
Virginia Wilkinson
Colleen & Brandon Wilkinson
Jay Willimott
Owen & Bonnie Winter
Rosie Wood
Elaine Wood
Darlene Woywoda
Forcy Wu
Ralph Wushke
Yuan Yao
Joanne Yeo
Yan & Simeng Zeng
Brenda Ziolkowski
New Hope Lutheran Church Women
Saskatchewan Synod, ELCIC
St. Mark’s Lutheran Church
Williams Wildenboer Medical Prof Corp
Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church

Individuals with an * are deceased.