Remote Learning Guidelines

Remote Learning Guidelines during COVID-19

As we enter Semester Two on February 1, we are revising the criteria of eligibility so that only students with a reason related to COVID-19 are learning remotely.  We are making these changes so that students can maintain adequate academic momentum, as well as to track attendance accurately for the Ministry of Education, and for the purposes of contact tracing in cases of positive COVID tests.

Luther College will continue to offer remote learning to students only under the following conditions:

  1. Students themselves or a family member have compromised health conditions.
  2. Students and their families are concerned about the risk of exposure to COVID, particularly when cases are high in the province.
  3. Students who have been directed by the Saskatchewan Health Authority to quarantine, and/or who experience COVID-like symptoms. These students will receive remote learning until it has been determined that it is safe for them to return to school. In these cases, parents and guardians must notify us of COVID test dates and results.

Students who meet criteria #1 or #2 above will be designated by the Ministry of Education as Homebound learners and must do all their classes online from February 1 until the start of our midterm exams (March 26). That means students designated as Homebound learners will not attend any Luther classes in person from February 1 to March 25 inclusive. Following the midterm exam period, we will review the status of our Homebound learners. 

Effective February 1, remote classes will not be available to students for non-COVID related absences.

If you want your student to study remotely from February 1 to March 25 inclusive, please contact Renee Wilkinson at before February 1. We will then register your student as a Homebound learner with the Ministry of Education.