Health Services - Nurse's Office

Health Services

The nurse’s office is open each morning from 7:30-11:30. The nurse provides health education, counseling, health assessments on students who are ill and emergency care for students and staff.

Parents/guardians are to advise the nurse if your student has any serious health problems at the start of the school year. In the event of a serious illness or injury, the student will be transported to the hospital and the parent or guardian will be notified immediately.

Day students are encouraged to carry with them any medication that is used on a regular or occasional basis and administer it to themselves. For times when a student needs an over-the-counter medication and has none available, students will be redirected to the school nurse during the nurse’s office hours. The nurse will contact the student’s parent or guardian as permission is required to administer any medication. Student who require medication after 11:30 when the nurse is not available will need to contact their parents to be dismissed from class or to bring medication.

Dorm students who become ill at school should see the nurse or find the on duty dorm staff. Over-the-counter medication will be administered for minor illnesses according to the standing orders from the school’s physician. Referrals for medical appointments will be booked by the nurse.

eHR Viewer is a secure provincial (eHealth) electronic database that the nurse may use to retrieve medical information on a student regarding prescribed medication, laboratory or medical test results, clinical encounters with a physician or hospital, immunizations and chronic disease management. Dorm students are under the nurse’s care therefore this database may be accessed to provide comprehensive medical care.  For day students, parents will be contacted for permission to access their child’s file in eHR Viewer if needed for immediate care. If you need further information regarding the nurse’s access to your child’s confidential medical history please contact the school nurse.

Mental health resources to come.

Questions or concerns about your student's health care at school may be directed to Jan Ferguson, School Nurse by email at or phone 306-791-9164.