Did You Know?

  • Do you know someone in Kindergarten to Grade 8 that would like to be part of the Luther Family? Encourage them to join the Future Luther Student program!

  • When the College was first looking to relocate from Melville to Regina, it considered land at College & Winnipeg, College & Broad, and 23rd & Albert, finally settling on 18 acres of land on the west end of property owned by Government House, now called Royal Street.

  • Luther graduates have gone on to universities such as Harvard, Oxford, Pennsylvania State, McGill, Queen’s and other renowned educational institutions throughout Canada, North America and the world.

  • Through the A Time To Build capital campaign, we have added 46,897 square feet of space to Luther College High School, including the Semple gymnasium -  the largest high school gym in Regina.

  • Students admitted to Luther College are not required to be Lutheran or Christian. By welcoming students of all faiths and religious backgrounds, Luther College enjoys a richly diverse student body.

  • In the late 1920's, during an in-house baseball tournament, Rex Schneider entered a team called "Prof Schneider's Battling Lions." This is the first hint that someday Luther teams would be known as the Lions.  

  • The Tuck Shop for snacks was at the bottom of the south stairs going to what is now the cafeteria. The legendary beans in a cone were considered a healthier & cheaper alternative to what students purchased across the street at the Aintree.

  • Did you know there is a 3rd floor to the boy's dorm? It was traditionally assigned to upper level students who were more mature & responsible. Students who lived up there in the 1940’s confessed, in hushed tones, to having a radio when those devices were against school policy.

Pre-LIT was a success! 

Leboldus VS Miller

Half-Time: Leboldus 46 - 23 Miller

Final: Leboldus 86 - 54 Miller

Advaces to LIT: LEBOLDUS

Campbell VS Winston Knoll

Half-Time: Winston Knoll 36 - 15 Campbell

Final: Winston Knoll 65 - 50 Campbell


Pre-LIT is the night of the two games that determine which two Regina basketball teams will be attending the tournament! More info for this year's Pre-LIT is below!

Where: Luther College High School | Semple Gym |1500 Royal Street, Regina SK

When: Monday, January 14th 2019 6:15PM and 8:00PM

Price: $2 / person ages 11 and under are free

Who: Leboldus Golden Suns vs. Miller Marauders @ 6:15PM Campbell Tartans vs Winston Knoll Wolverines @ 8:00PM

Live Stream:

If you can't attend in person, stream it live wherever you are!