Dress Code

Dress Code

The Luther College High School dress code is not only a tradition but a reminder that Luther College is an exceptional school recognized for our exemplary academics and university preparatory practices. Our dress code is a badge of pride, creates an identity for our school and is an important part of being a Luther student. The way that students and staff conduct themselves in manner and in dress has an impact on the tone of the school; therefore, all are expected to dress appropriately for their particular roles and in a way that shows respect for themselves, others and Luther College.

Students are asked to practice common sense by dressing neatly, modestly and in a fashion conducive to learning. Rather than pushing the boundaries and being dress coded, students are encouraged to participate in building a positive community at Luther College High School by cooperating fully with the spirit of the dress code.

The following are some of the main guidelines of our dress code. The list should not be viewed as exhaustive. Administration and faculty reserve the right to amend the list as needed during the course of the academic year.

1. No denim of any colour is allowed, including clothing designed to imitate or look like denim. Administration reserves the right to decide what looks like denim;

2. Any casual or athletic clothing typically worn for Wellness/Phys Ed class cannot be worn at any other time during school days, including during exam week. Administration reserves the right to determine if the clothing resembles athletic wear.

3. Hats, ball caps and headwear are not allowed unless expressly approved by administration for religious or medical reasons;

4. Short shorts, spaghetti straps, low cut or see through tops, exposed undergarments, tube tops, muscle shirts or tops that reveal the navel or stomach are not permissible. Ripped, frayed, tattered or torn clothing is not acceptable; and

5. Clothing that displays questionable sayings, or mentions alcohol or drugs in any way are not allowed.

 Administration and faculty reserve the right to determine what is in violation of our dress code. The dress code is in effect throughout the building on school days during school hours.

Procedure for Dress Code Violations:

First time offenders of the dress code will be sent to the office and given a warning. The student's name will be added to the log book in the main office. Parents will not be contacted. The student will be asked to change or be given a note excusing the violation for the day and then be sent back to his or her classes.

Second time offenders will be sent to the office and will not be allowed to return to classes, exams and/or school activities until he or she has changed. Parents will be notified.

Third time offenders will be sent to the office and not allowed to resume classes, exams and/or school activities until the student, his or her parents and the administration have met.